9th Jun 2007, 17:19

I am a baby boomer who has always kept my bike licence current and, after many years without a machine have just purchased a Honda CB250N 1980, which is in very nice condition after only 24000 KM.

However I have a query on its performance, and wonder if someone can give me some helpful advice?

The bike performs well going through the gears until it is in top (gear 6). After that it is unable to accelerate to any faster than 80 KM, without dropping back a gear or 2, and keeping the engine over 5500 - 6000 rpm. In top gear it has to be pushed to keep it going at around 100 km, without dropping back a gear and keeping the revs up high.

I suspect that the carby may have been messed with, but don't have enough mechanical knowledge to be sure. Does anyone have a suggestion?


1st Aug 2007, 10:00

I passed my test on a super dream. One of the most easy bikes to both ride and service. Just looking at some of the pictures on the various web sites brings the memories flooding back. I started on a fs1e, went on to a rd250, but the 250n will always stick fondly in my memory.

9th Aug 2007, 18:11

Regards to the comment about lack of performance. The CB250N should see speeds of about 85 mph. If yours has points ignition, you want to checks these for timing and wear. Check the tappets (four inlet, two exhaust). Check the carburetors for balance and clean if need be. Check the spark plugs (it is surprising how a spark plug may have acquired a wider gap that can seriously reduce performance).

15th Sep 2007, 06:35

I own two 250N Superdreams; one 1979, and the deluxe model is a 1982. They have never had points; the ignition is electronic via a CDI system.

17th Jan 2008, 08:30

I also had an FS1E at 16, then progressed onto the CB250N at the age of 17. The bike was everything I had hoped for when I first saw the brochure for it at the Honda dealer.

I ran the engine in with care for about a thousand miles, and then I rode it with great pleasure for many thousands of miles after that.

Although I sometimes pushed the engine hard, it sounded and felt like new when I sold it 3 years later. I still regret selling the bike even now. The bike is a Modern Classic.

19th Mar 2008, 13:03

I am presently restoring my second Superdream. My first was an early 79 model and could be forced up to 75mph with a tail wind.

The current one is not running yet, but I suspect it will be a bit quicker.

I find they are straightforward to work on and handle very nicely. They are also totally reliable.

Not terribly economical though - 50mpg on average.

1st Jul 2008, 12:08

I have just bought a W reg 250n Delux, only just running, been stood for 7 years.

I can't get it to rev much above 3000 revs; I've cleaned to carbs (which were full of muck), and I've put an in line filter. I've also changed the oil and petrol. Awaiting an air filter.

There do not seem to be any points etc... and the plugs seem fine.. Any idea of the plug gap... and what else I can try?


5th Aug 2008, 02:24

5 AUG 08

I have acquired a CB250n in need of a lot of restoration. I am an old biker from the past myself and want to restore some fond memories. I have a lot to do with the frame before I work with the engine and coils etc. Can anyone advise me where to pick up an engine reconditioned, or part worn, and some parts thank you.

27th Aug 2008, 15:16

Just go onto ebay and search for Honda Superdream and you will find thousands of parts for it really cheap new and secondhand... all the parts you will ever need...

17th Sep 2008, 09:44

My name's Tom. I have a 250N with a kick start. The Dream that came out in 78 with a rounder style has the same wheels as the Super Dream and are interchangeable. The Super Dream N and the Dream are virtually the same bike, but the tank and side panels differ. Hope this helps, Tom.

14th Oct 2008, 04:31

I bought a new black CB250N way back in 1980 from Kens Motorcycles in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and loved it to pieces. I have such fond memories of it that I recently decided to purchase another one. I opted for the CB250NA, which is the same as my original one, and I'm in the process of refurbishing it. Although it's currently blue, I am having it repainted black.

I would LOVE to hear from other SuperDream owners, and invite you to watch the progress of the refurbishment on my blog, which is http://cb250n.blogspot.com

Regards, Tom.

18th Nov 2008, 12:35

I bought myself my first real bike a few months ago having just passed my test. And yep it's a 79 Superdream.

Near mint condition, 12000 miles for 550 quid (including delivery).

She's completely stock except for a 2-1 motad exhaust, which to be honest, I would have put on myself anyway.

She had a bit of a rattle, and the owner said it had lived in his shed for many years.

The rattle turned out to me a loose exhaust tappet, fixed it in minutes and now she runs like a dream (forgive me) and manages 80 odd mph (without a hill or tailwind!)

All in all I love it like mad, and have of course, named it/her.

It's a wonderful machine and does the job (of getting me home from uni to see my family regularly).

Plus it absolutely smokes the plastic fantastic 2-stroke riders from the college next door.

Now I come to the almost part of "almost mint";

the tank has one ding in it along the top right hand corner (a wound caused by a falling paint can in the previous owner's shed)

Anyone know where I can pick up a decent spare or how I can get the bugger out (it's halfway along the tank along the ridge where the top meets the side, so the suction things for car panels don't work)

Tried ebay, but they are all ragged heaps.

Kinda long comment, but I really do love this bike and recommend it to anyone.

7th Dec 2008, 11:40

I too have a 1981 CBR250N SUPER DREAM in the Blue. I saw it 4 years ago in a farmers barn, here in Darlington. Then was, back at the farm a month ago, I told the owner what a Super Dream nut I was. He agreed to sell it to me, it is original, all but the 2 into 1, the only damage is a dent in the tank. The bike is on an X plate.

She was a non runner, the fault was the starter solenoid (£36) and the tank is away at the moment being repaired and resprayed.

The Blue paint was hard to track down with it being Candy, you could buy it in spray cans, but not anymore, anyway I believe if you want your Bike right, get the corret, base/colour/lacquer.

I am now in the process of striping her down, to see what's what and to get cleaning. Hope to have her on the road, next summer, the last Tax disc ran out in May 1999. I have had all sorts of motorbikes in the past, but there is something about the HONDA 250N, and I agree with the lad earlier, it feels like a 400 or 500.