1981 Honda CB250RSA from United Kingdom


Best little thumper on the planet


Very reliable.

General Comments:

The Honda CB250RS is a real classic.

This little bike will thump on forever, even with little or no attention.

It handles like no other little 4 stroke.

It's only problems are notorious, ie; difficult to extract front brake pad pins, and the same for the rocker arm dowels.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2010

9th Nov 2020, 10:26

Glad to see that I am not the only one who has done over 120000 miles on a Honda CB250 RSA. I wonder how many Dream owners could say the same?

1980 Honda CB250RSA from United Kingdom


Best small 4 stroke ever made


Quick wear chain and sprockets.

General Comments:

I bought a really nice red RS for £450 in summer 88 still with O/E twin exhaust, a rarity even then. Took it to S. France that August. We had an awful summer that year at home and it was exhilarating to thump along empty sunny roads. With was my li'l bro on an RXS 100 so we kept to 50mph, me returning 85mpg, better than the the Yam (ho ho!). The RS started to leak from the gearbox shaft, what pain, but at least it kept the chain lubed and meant the oil never got dirty - which is more than can be said for the back wheel!

When we got to Marseillan-Plage we befriended some English ex pats who helped me fit a second hand rear tyre, and we found that a clever design meant you could get off the back wheel without removing the spindle - brilliant! Why aren't all bike like that?

Back in UK I decided to sort out the oil seal. Worst luck, it could only be pressed into place from the inside and the work cost £150 plus VAT! I kept it for a further 4 years then sold it for £220 when I upgraded to a CB350S, which felt really luxurious by comparison. The little RS was dead cheap to run, especially on tyres, and this was the first bike I fitted a Scottoiler on, a device which has gone on all my bikes ever since. Rely on chain lube and an RS'll eat its chain quicker than a back tyre!

Best features: Economy, lovely thumping sound, handling, reliability.

Worst features: Rear brake too snatchy, quick wear chain, too small, no rear grab handle, no electric start.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2009

22nd Apr 2019, 14:11

They are hard to kick-over and start; I think because of low-octane modern fuel! Drill a hole in the bottom of the air box and squirt in easy start (just a little) if needed!

Mine's got 57,000 and the compression is still good!