1989 Honda CB450DX from United Kingdom


OK if you're not fussy



General Comments:

Comfy but slow. I used a company CB450DX as a despatch bike for nearly a year. My own bike was the CB350S, and though newer, the 450 looked more old fashioned.

Top speed on the flat, 2 way, was the same on both bikes (85), but the 450 definitely had more go in the mid range.

The 450 had a fat seat like off a CX, so was very, very comfy. It was also very nimble with wide bars and good mirrors. It always reliable and the finish stood up to all weather use pretty well, so doubts about Brazilian quality are unfounded. I saw another parked up in 2005 still on the OE pipes!

Well, that's where the good news ends - the brakes were crap, the economy for the performance shocking (45mpg), and for less money you could've bought a GPZ305. (This was 1991).

You still see them on ebay and even nice ones seldom fetch more than £400. If you're after comfy reliable bike on the cheap or you don't want to get your Harley wet, then yeah, why not?

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 11th March, 2010