1984 Honda CB650SC from United States of America


About as much fun you can have legally!


Only had it a week! A local guy fixed it up; new tires, battery, paint job (Toyota speedway blue), ignition switch, gas cap, new engine from an 83 with 22,000 miles, plugs and wires, helmet lock, foam grips, lots of new parts.

Need a cover for the tool kit, need a tool kit, need to figure out a place to put the insurance card and reg. (most likely attached to a side plate cover).

Seat has two small tears; perhaps a new seat cover ($64) in the future.

My last bike was a Sabre 1100; it had issues - fuel pump, battery, tires, small tank, hard seat etc.

V-twin motor is OK. Went like crazy!

But there is something about the high revs of an inline 4 cylinder that will make you smile!

General Comments:

Had a Black CB650SC in 1983; sure was pretty! Drove 10K in one year! Sold it to a local kid for same money I bought it for - $2150.

One heck of a ride! Thrill a minute! Power, torque, what more could you want! Inline 4 whine! Like a freight train! Girls loved it back in the day! Always wanted a ride!

They say you can never go back to the old days, but I will try.

Test drove a 84 Wineberry CB650Sc color model last year; it leaked oil. The dealer wanted $1800; I passed.

Purchased my current model last week for $1000. Cannot wait to ride again! 34 degrees and raining, but I still want to go, go, go!

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Review Date: 18th April, 2013