1986 Honda CBX450 Rebel from United States of America


One of the best Hondas ever made


This little Rebel either made condensation in the gas tank or leaked. I never figured it out. The tank was brand new and was a constant problem. I figured out real quick to drain water out of the float bowls when it ran poorly. That was an irritant for sure.

The gear shifter lever occasionally stuck and needed oiling. I kept WD40 in the saddle bags just for this reason.

General Comments:

This was a motorcycle (450 Rebel) that I bought for my wife, but rode a lot. It was a fantastic motorcycle with great lines. She wanted a purple motorcycle, so I had it custom painted purple with the white inserts. I also added a MAC 2x2 exhaust, new tires had the seat reupholstered, a windshield and saddlebags.

My wife absolutely loved this little motorcycle. It should be noted that we owned this bike at a time when we were doing a whole lot of touring together. I had a Virago 750 and she was riding the 450 Rebel. We rode every day back then. Granted, this was only a 450, but it would run 80+ and cruise on the interstate all day. It was long, low and smooth.

The Rebel 450 didn't really have any negatives, except the occasional moisture in the gas tank.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2012