2001 Honda CG125 M1 from United Kingdom


A sensible and durable commuter


Nothing has gone wrong in all the time I have owned the motorcycle, although the starter motor has never worked. This isn't an issue as the kick starter is easy enough to use.

General Comments:

This model of CG125 is the M1 model and was built in Turkey. This model was a vast improvement over the previous BRJ/K models, in terms of build quality, equipment, reliability and general appearance. I can confidently say that because I owned a CG125BRJ model for nearly seven years.

The engine has always started in all weathers, as I ride all year round as the CG is my main transport. On really cold mornings, the choke is required briefly.

The motorcycle will happily cruise at 55mph with minimal vibration, and bearing in mind I only use it for short trips (the least economical), I average 108 miles per gallon, which equates to just over 200 miles between refills. I would be interested to know how much better the economy would be if I got the engine up to temperature and did a long trip.

The luggage tie hooks come in useful, as I prefer to not carry rucksacks and baggage on my back as this can be dangerous.

The electronic ignition make for less maintenance.

The push-to-cancel turn-signals give the feel of a bigger machine and are a pleasant touch.

The engine doesn't consume oil and the gearbox is smooth and precise. The engine pulls well low down.

Even the drum brakes work well, and the front being of a large diameter helps.

The handling is good and confidence inspiring. The motorcycle is easy to manoeuvre at low speed, especially when parking.

My only gripe are the chromed areas do rust if not cleaned regularly, but then I don't wash the machine that often and I do ride in all weathers, and bearing in mind, the UK winters with all the road salt is harsh on any vehicle. Having said that, the chrome always comes up well with a soap pad. Also, a fuel gauge would be nice as many learners won't be familiar with working out MPG and also won't have knowledge of how to work a fuel tap, although the latest CG125s have a fuel gauge.

To summarise, the CG125 may not be the most exciting machine, but is most certainly worth having as they are cheap to insure, good on petrol, easy to ride, easy to maintain, bullet proof, and parts are easy to get and fairly inexpensive.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2014

26th Sep 2022, 20:17

Thanks for this info. I've been offered one and know nothing about them.