16th Jun 2014, 01:03

Due to not having a left hand, I have a 1980 Honda CM400A Hondamatic. If you are looking to ride, it will accomplish that for you; it is reliable, trouble free, and inexpensive to operate. Some parts are getting tough to find though.

There are other options out there. I also ride a 2008 Yamaha FJR1300AE. It has a clutch that is controlled by a computer. When you shift, the computer actuates the clutch for you.

There are also other options; Honda put the Hondamatic in the 750 in the 1970's, Aprillia makes the Mana 850 that uses paddle shifters or a foot shifter with no clutch, Honda currently makes the CTX and NC700X that use no clutch and can either be ridden as an auto, or shifted with paddle shifters, Ridley (American made) has a bike with a CVT transmission like a snowmobile or ATV would have. There are others from the 70's and 80's by Honda, Suzuki, and Moto-Guzzi.

I hope this helps.


27th Apr 2015, 21:59

You are a motorcyclist! Just ride it AND smile. Who would you have to prove anything to? Now, if you really do not think you can ride 2 wheels anymore, don't ride it. But you asked the question, so you know you can ride. So, go ride.

I just sold my VW 1600cc trike and my 2005 1100 Shadow (I have been riding for 55 years) and if I can buy a just listed 1980 CM400A at a reasonable price, I WILL JUMP AT IT. 2 wheels, light weight, 1 up fun, and I have a bike I can just jump (well, not anymore) on and go. YES, YES, YES. Olympia, Wa. to the coast, to the various mountains, I-5, carry on the back of our motorhome. It has 2 wheels. I am a motorcyclist and so are you. Remember your rain gear!!!

23rd Jun 2016, 21:36

Hang in there Maggie and keep riding. I can't tell you about the automatic, but I had a manual CM400 and it was a nice handling bike. Not too top heavy. I do know the automatic transmission is a two speed. Probably fine if all you are doing is local riding.

Paddy O

13th Dec 2017, 03:06

Good luck and hang in there. I find just looking at my bike in the garage gives me pleasure. I have a 750 Magna, but would like to downsize. Best of luck to you.

11th Jan 2019, 12:23

I am a 53 year old male and have been riding since I was 8 years old. I have owned 200mph sport bikes to $30k Harleys and anything in between, even a Zuma, MX, enduro, BMW ADV bikes. Here is my point, I am able to buy ANY bike I wish and have very gladly just chosen to buy a CM400.

As someone else stated, I don't have anything to prove to anyone else and I ride for the joy of riding.

17th May 2019, 14:01

Just bought a 1981 CM400E. Had a 1998 Triumph Thunderbird and loved it, but found it a bit top heavy and the old Honda look has probably been stuck in my brain since the 1970s-80s when I first saw the older kids start getting bikes.

So it's been 5 years since your post -- Did you end up buying the CM400?