1980 Honda CM400T from Canada


Great motorcycle for a rides of a few hours, or commuting to work


10 days after I purchased the motorcycle, the right cylinder lost compression and started to smoke and burn oil heavily: cylinder rings failed. I should have done a compression test before purchase. Engine ran so smoothly and the general condition was so good that I did not think it was necessary.

Most likely cause of this is cylinder rust caused by poor storage practices form previous owner. Another possible cause is ring failure from carbon buildup. I will only know if I open the failed engine one day.

I easily found a replacement engine. This motorcycle can use a CM400 or CM450 engine. This was twice less expensive than fixing the original engine. I have chosen a CM450 engine because it has six speeds rather than five (CM400T) and it has improved oil conduits and an oil cooler, so it is a better replacement.

General Comments:

Compared to my previous motorcycle (Goldwing GL1100 Interstate 1981) it is the perfect compromise for power and handling. I use it as daily commuter for work (90 km/day) and for 2-3 hours rides alone or with an adult passenger.

I've added a SlipStreamer S-06 windshield because the upright driving position becomes more relaxed. Driving faster than 110km/h is beyond suspension and tire design.

The rising mufflers makes it hard to find saddlebags that fit without interfering with mufflers.

It is fun to ride in city or country, as opposed to a Goldwing which is a marvel on highway, but a mammoth on a traffic light or parking.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2007

17th Sep 2011, 17:17

When you replaced the engine, did you keep the same carburetors or replace them?