2007 Honda CMX250 Rebel from United States of America


Generally OK, but needs several improvements to be really great!


It had a vibrations on the left side of the engine when I purchased it. The dealer resolved the problem quickly and inexpensively.

General Comments:

The greatest complaint I have is that it does not have a center stand & I did not know that when I purchased it. It is very difficult to adjust the chain or any other rear wheel service without a center stand. I cannot ride it more than 250-300 miles from home because I can not carry a floor jack with me to adjust the chain at required intervals. It is the only Honda of the 7 that I have owned that did not come with a center stand.

The location of oil drain plug should have been on the bottom of the crankcase for east of oil draining.

The seat lacks sufficient padding to be comfortable. It should have had much thicker padding.

An owner's manual is no longer available according to the Honda dealer so I was forced to buy a much more expensive shop manual. Unfortunately, there are numerous errors in the manual, and I wrote to Honda USA and all I got out of them was a post card asking me to go to the internet and complete a survey, which does not help me.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2016

1986 Honda CMX250 Rebel from Japan




The bike is not equipped with a center stand.

General Comments:

This motorcycle is really a great touring bike.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2012