1987 Honda CMX450 Rebel from United States of America


Great reliable commuter bike that can also be used for limited high speed travel


Normal wear & tear, tires, brakes, light bulbs, etc.

General Comments:

The Rebel 450 is a great motorcycle for commuting and limited highway high-speed travel. Air-cooled twin is generally smooth with buzzy-handlebars only above 65 mph (but not too bad). Parts are available from a variety of online sources. Acceleration is good via a 6-speed transmission and low to mid range torque. Handling is good. Comfort level is OK for commuters; butt may get sore on rides > 1 hour.

No center stand is a pain, but using a small hydraulic jack under the engine with side stand down allows for repairs to the front and rear wheels, as needed (e.g. brakes, tires, chain, etc.).

Definitely recommended as a regular use commuter or short distance traveler.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2015