1987 Honda CN250 Helix from United States of America


An around-town scooter, capable of handling a weekend jaunt


Speedometer cable broke inside the sending unit. Simple fix.

General Comments:

Bullet proof engine.

Very comfortable riding position.

Tons of both aftermarket and OE parts available.

Great gas mileage.

Storage is more than ample.

Only problem I have had, is that it sits very low, so it can be hard to be seen in traffic. Especially with all the SUV's that abound.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2012

2001 Honda CN250 Helix from United States of America


Awesome scooter!


Just had to change out the tires due to dry-rot.

Had to put a new lid on the antifreeze compartment (blew off in the wind, from me apparently not putting it on right prior).

Otherwise, the bike has been great!

General Comments:

Three words describe this scooter: A lot of fun! I bought my '01 from a guy that lives about 10 miles from me. I got an incredible deal on it ($1200!!). The bike had only 2850 miles on it when I bought it. The only things I have had to do have been to replace the tires (10" rear, 12" front) and replace the cap that covers the antifreeze compartment (blew off when riding).

The bike runs like a champ. Off the line, it smokes other cars at a stop light. I have had the scooter over 70 mph (as indicated by the dash), but suspect it's about 2-3 mph less than that. Most of the time, on the highway, I ride about 65 mph. I get nearly 70 mpgs!!!

The quality and build of the bike is admirable. I have owned many bikes over my time riding, and this has to be among the most comfortable bikes I have ever ridden. Sometimes though, my upper back starts to hurt, due to the far forward positioning of my feet. This will be remedied with a backrest I purchased recently.

This bike has a lot of practicality to it, too! There's ample storage in the rear. It can easily hold two full face helmets, or several bags of groceries! The bike has easy to use signals, lights and an easy to understand dashboard. It even has a digital fuel gauge! The bike has a front brake on the top right handle and a rear brake on the floorboard right side. I love the looks of the scooter and get lots of compliments and questions, something which I never got on a regular motorcycle.

All in all, you can't go wrong with this scooter. It's so much better built than what you will find in the Chinese Clone market (take the QLink clone for example, which just looks like a Helix, without the quality parts!!).

If you want a reliable, good looking, great performing bike, and can find one used, buy it!!!

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Review Date: 12th August, 2010

1st Nov 2014, 17:58

So true. One of the most reliable things on the road. Easily customized too!

Riding it feels completely unlike any other bike; it's best compared to driving a speedboat! And with a luggage bag on the back seat to lean against, the riding position is so comfy you can travel hundreds of miles; the biggest danger is falling asleep :)