1982 Honda CX500 from United Kingdom


Rat bike for a dirty rat?


Hole in expansion chamber.

Clutch cable rubs against the frame and is wearing through.

Front brake was terrible at first, but it bedded in with use, and got better and passed an MOT.

The engine was running hot; as there was a hole in the expansion chamber, the radiator could not be topped up.

Shaft drive made a whining noise.

Rusty exhaust and radiator.

General Comments:

Performance is rather slow as most cars seem to be faster at the traffic light grand prix.

I took it up to 90mph once; that was enough.

Seat is not comfortable after about 50 miles, as then I had to get off to stretch my legs.

The noise it makes is rather feeble and annoying.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2010

1980 Honda CX500 from United States of America


Unmatched reliability on a budget


The bike would hit a wall at about 5000 rpm and not accelerate any further. I traced it down to the resistors in each plug cap, and replaced the resistors with a section of copper, which solved the problem.

The temperature gauge would always indicate the bike was overheating - turned out to be a loose wire in the headlight bucket.

Aside from that, the bike has been flawlessly reliable.

General Comments:

The bike is fairly top heavy, which can be tricky to learn on, but isn't terrible. The powerband is fairly linear, being a V-Twin, which is good for commuting or learning to ride.

The riding position is pretty comfy. The seat on mine had plenty of cushion, and the handlebars reach to a very natural placement for your hands.

The brakes are pretty weak as far as modern standards go. I wouldn't expect much, as the old school single disc front is trying to slow down a fairly heavy bike.

The suspension on my CX was very soft, and I suspect it was due for a fork oil change up front. I could bottom out the front without much trouble under heavy braking.

Fuel economy for my CX was average. I typically got anywhere from high 30s to mid 40s for my mpg. I expected better for a 500cc v-twin, but I blame that on aging components.

This cycle would be a great for someone who is looking to learn how to ride, or for an experienced rider looking for a reliable commuter. My favorite part about my CX is that it required almost no time to warm up - it is ready to ride as soon as it's started without worrying about bogging or hesitation.

Overall, I would definitely recommend at least test riding one to see if you like how it rides. These are really well built, and are a tank of a bike.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2010

1981 Honda CX500 from France


Reliability... it just becomes part of your life


If used to commute and stored outside (I know, I know, but I didn't have a choice) : Exhaust every 4/5 years... saddle cover usually has the same lifetime.

A bit on the heavy side for new users (although it is low on the ground, so easy to handle).

And MPG in the city...

General Comments:

I previously had many bikes, the latest being a TDM850. Great bike, but I like my engine to be perfectly running, and this one required carb sync too often.

As a temp replacement bike, bought the CX500 Custom. Didn't love it at first, it was just a commute bike. It's after 3 years that I realized... It always starts, takes me where I want at a decent pace, no mechanical issues... One major improvement was the change of tires from Michelin to AVON. Even though these are not so well noted, they performed miracles on this bike. I have seen myself stuck to the back wheels of sports bikes with double the power on high speed curbs, with the foot rest lifted up to allow more angle...

In all, a monster of reliability, enough power for city and highway, a bit on the heavy side and... riding it for so long, I have the handshake pressure of hell now!

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Review Date: 20th September, 2009