1983 Honda CX650E from New Zealand


I love the v twin look, sound and tractable power it makes; an awesome old girl!


Front brakes were a bit seized; rear brake required new pads.

General Comments:

I bought this bike off my brother, who hadn't started it for 6 years. After putting in fresh gas and a battery, it started right up.

I am going to make it into a cafe racer eventually, but for now I am just doing small things like fluid changes, new plugs, brake bleeds etc, and will get a WOF soon and get it registered again (it's on hold).

I had a 500 Euro decades ago, but love the 650 power and torque. And the sound is wonderful!

I've had over 20 bikes in my lifetime, but this one has to be the most fun, with the greatest sound of all.

It's just so much fun, and extremely comfortable too.

I don't think I will ever sell it.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2017

1983 Honda CX650E from Canada




Broken clutch lever bracket.

General Comments:

I just bought a CX650E for my son. We both own GLI 650s, but he has wanted one of these for years and finally pulled the trigger on this one. It has over 96,000 Km on the bike, has never been apart according to the last 2 owners, and runs extremely well.

Other than the broken clutch lever bracket, the bike has zero issues. It does not burn, leak or otherwise use oil in a wasteful manner.

The Silverwings perform in a very civilized manner with no issues, so I expect this one to do the same for many kilometers to come. It is lighter than the fully faired and bagged Wings, so I expect it to be a bit quicker and faster.

Lovely bike overall.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2015

1985 Honda CX650E from United Kingdom


Smashing old bird - fun and comfortable


Rear brake was binding after being stored for a while when I borrowed this CX from my friend.

Speedometer drive at the front wheel has stopped rotating the cable. Needs fixing, using the rev counter at present.

Lots of vibration in bars, reduced with weighted bar-ends.

Has been fitted with touring fairing, and the screen is old and I couldn't see through it in the rain or the dark, so I have removed it.

General Comments:

I was lent this bike from a friend a couple of months ago to sort out a temporary transportation issue.

First impressions after being off two wheels for about four years was that it was a bit of a heavy wobbler, but after a couple of weeks and removing the screen so that I can see where I am going, it's great fun.

Not fantastic at slow town speeds, as the motor tends to surge a bit, but okay from 40mph onwards.

I've really taken to it, and enjoying my 52 mile round trip daily commute.

Sounds great; it has a real throaty grunt and the power is there all the way.

I went on a ride out a week or so back with a bunch of CBR 600 and Bandit riders, and it held its own for most of the journey. Had to slow down through the twisties, and almost came a cropper on a set of four in a row where the last one tightened right up, but it's a very forgiving bike.

I shan't be riding this for very long, but I would say go for it to anyone considering one.

Happy riding.


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Review Date: 31st July, 2008

1984 Honda CX650E from Canada


Amazingly surprising


The second gear sometimes doesn't kick in very well, and sometimes it falls out of second gear to neutral.

The starter seems to have a hard time turning the engine over.

General Comments:

This motorcycle surprised me to what point it had a lot of torque and acceleration.

Amazing sound when accelerating.

Top speed of 195 kmph.

1/4 mile in 13,6 seconds.

However, the rear tire could of been bigger.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2007

24th Nov 2007, 14:55

Hard to find parts. I am looking for throttle cables. Any ideas? Arthur apotts@munaffairs.com

2nd Jun 2010, 19:48

To the previous entry re: starter motor issues: It is a fault common to the whole series, apparently the stator in the the starter motor is the issue.

The starter is easy to access and cheap to repair. Mine does the same thing, just been too lazy to fix it. One of the only other weaknesses is the cam-chain tensioner.

As most owners will attest however, the CX's are super reliable apart from these issues.

Thoroughly enjoy blatting around on the old beast.

Kim, Lismore Australia.