1987 Honda Elite CH80 from United States of America


It runs great, but every time I have to put igniter in the carburetor to help it start. After that it will start fine, but if I leave it sitting for one hour or two, it won't start on its own again, and there's enough gas flowing.

It's a Honda Elite 80 1987 with only 2500 miles.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2013

2000 Honda Elite CH80 from United States of America


Great surface street transportation


I replaced the rear tire for $19.25 at the Honda shop. I put it in myself. It was pretty difficult to do, but I have done it a few times, so I didn't have any problems. The shop itself would charge $30 to put it on, so I saved money doing it myself.

Changed the Air Filter for $13.99 at the Honda shop; the old one was trashed.

General Comments:

I like this scooter for riding in town.

It is pretty good off the line in traffic.

I also like the instrument panel on this unit.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2009

1987 Honda Elite CH80 from United States of America


Nothing really except for the battery. Only because it sat in our garage for so long without running. Now we keep it on a trickle charger, fixed that problem right away.

General Comments:

I love it, and I think the only problem with it is that when you're going up a hill, the scooter tends to die on ya. Other than that, the gas mileage and the look, the feel, everything is perfect.


Christopher Wayne Johnson.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2008

2nd Nov 2008, 15:15

You might consider cleaning your carb. If you let it sit a long time, and it stalls on you, you probably have a gunked up carb. It shouldn't stall on hills, or at stops.

12th Jul 2010, 13:59

I have an 87 Elite 80 with 9000 miles. It was great scooter for local trips, ran smooth at 35 MPH, and could get it up to 45 MPH on longer level and downhill roads.

On my way to Leesburg the other day, it sounded like trans or clutch slipped. Took off again, then it happened again, this time lost all traction to rear wheel. Had to haul it home on a truck. Oil was dripping and became low, so not sure what damage that did to a gear or clutch? Filled it with oil, but still the rear wheel doesn't move. Not sure if it's worth fixing because I also need new rear tire and tube. $50.00.

But it was a fun scooter when it was running, and great gas mileage.

Jeff Pearl / VA.

13th Jul 2010, 21:30

You should consider looking at your belt and rollers. Make sure they are together. The belt may have slipped, which wouldn't be an expensive repair. You should also consider having the belt replaced.. those belts are rated at 7500 to 10,000 miles.

1986 Honda Elite CH80 from United States of America


This scooter is bad ass!


I got the 1986 Honda Elite CH80 from a close friend whom I lived with back in 1995. He had the bike in a storage area at an apartment complex we lived in together. I found the landlord of the complex, and got permission from my friend who now lives in AZ to take the bike. I took the bike in 2003 and took it apart. Washed it down with all the fairings off.

I took off the carburetor and took it apart, and used a sewing needle to clean the jets and float jet. I used good old Chem tool B-12, which most auto part stores do not carry any more. I also used canned air to blow all of the debris from the jets. I put the carburetor back on, but the bolts kept turning and would not tighten. So I tapped the intake housing, so I can thread the screw in and put a ten mm bolt on the back. Nice tight suction with no vacuum leak.

I sprayed Chem tool B-12 in the carburetor and got her started. Adjusted the speed idle screw and she ran wonderfully at 40 Mph.

When I took it to my sister's in LA, I think I ran hard down hill and lost compression. I checked the oil and saw fuel mixed in, which was not good. My first thought was I burned the piston and rings. I changed the oil and now I am in limbo deciding whether it is the piston and rings, or something else. I bought the service manual for her and will take baby steps.

General Comments:

I got the bike for free, so I am not complaining at all; this bike is 100% profit for me. But I don't intend on selling her because gas prices are ridiculous. I am considering turning her into electric, but don't where to start. THE BEGINNING.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2008