2006 Honda FSC600 Silver Wing from Canada




Nothing other than a drive belt... $109.00 and I installed it myself.

General Comments:

I wish Honda would consider a 900 CC Silver Wing.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2011

17th Apr 2011, 06:29

A 900 Silver Wing doesn't make sense to me! The 600cc's is fast enough, then I suggest you should get a full powered big cruiser bike instead of the scooter.

Scooter's have their purpose; installing a giant engine in one defeats that purpose.

2006 Honda FSC600 Silver Wing from Canada


Excellent for both urban and tourism use



General Comments:

Overall excellent. Have had it for 1 year to the day (in Montreal this means 8 months of usage). It follows a series of different bikes over the last 40+ years.

Very good urban vehicle. Use it to commute daily (40 miles return). Low center of gravity. Easy to handle and park. Good acceleration to get out of the way on traffic lights. Exceptional braking. Good rear mirrors visibility. A tad heavy to place on main stand.

Excellent for tourism. Have done multiple 500-mile days. Done Montreal-Tampa, then Montreal-Memphis. Held its own (fully loaded, 2 people, some luggage) in PA with rigs surrounding us at 75-80 mph. Cruising nicely at 60-65 mph. Needs a top case for tourism (I have the Givi V-46).

Average fuel consumption around 47-48 mpg (U.S. gallon). Best ever in FL cruising at 60, loaded, on a 90 degree F. day: 58 mpg (U.S.). Worst ever in PA cruising at 75-80, loaded, on a 35 degree F. day: 30 mpg (U.S.).

Got 12 500 miles on both rear tires and 25 000 on front (could probably have extended another 5 000). Brakes, drive belt and all the rest still original at 25 000 miles. Tune-ups a little expensive 125 $ (recommended every 4 000 miles during warranty). Never had to adjust anything or replenish liquids between tune-ups.

Definitely not a macho machine but it does the job beautifully. One word of caution: be careful not to pass those big low-riders on winding side roads at 65-70 mph. It seems to annoy them.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2008

2006 Honda FSC600 Silver Wing from United States of America


I love it


Nothing. This bike has been flawless.

General Comments:

This is a fantastic motorcycle/scooter.

The power-band is smooth right up to highway speeds.

Bike cruises effortlessly at 75-80 miles per hour.

Lots of reserve power for passing.

Very stable at high speeds.

The automatic CVT transmission shifts seamlessly.

It is a big bike, but handles well on street and highway.

The combined brakes with ABS are strong and powerful.

Mileage has been good. Average 50 mpg.

Lots of useful storage.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2008

2006 Honda FSC600 Silver Wing from United States of America


A scooter with the characteristics of a motorcycle


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

I still own my Kawasaki ZX10R, so it's not a "previous" motorcycle.

I purchased the Honda FSC600 Silver Wing after research and consulting with current owners. I have nothing but good things to say about the Silver Wing. I have purposely taken it into tight slow speed turns, as well as high speed turns. I've tested its top speed, acceleration, hard braking, and put its storage to the limit. It rides well in every situation.

My plan is to use it as a daily commuter by highway for minimum 160 miles/day. I haven't moved yet, so I'm testing everything about it now. I'm very happy with my purchase!

The Silver Wing is the third motorcycle I've owned. It's fun, easily maneuverable, and has plenty of storage.

I full throttled it from stop, and it does not lift off the ground.

The stock seat is comfortable. The ride is smooth at slow and high speeds.

The fuel reserve is near one gallon, and I got 135 miles of hard riding from a tank before the reserve, I'm still good for another 40 miles after that.

You can rest your feet flat or at an angle. Plenty comfortable.

I've had more people stop and question me about this bike more than any other. I've known people to own as many as 5 Silver Wings. Personally, I love it and I'll buy another one.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2007

27th Sep 2009, 15:48

You've done an excellent job of identifying the FSC 600's virtues. I have owned mine since 2002, when Japan first began exporting them to the United States.

My first mechanized two wheeler was a Honda Elite CH80, which was a good bike to learn on. Very simple to operate and fun to ride, however not powerful enough to ride on major roadways. It's top speed was about 42mph, however, it was not a good idea to operate the bike at that speed for any length of time.

The CH 80 cruised nicely at about 35 mph.

I still own the Silverwing and would highly recommend it to someone who's grown tired of shifting gears on their motorcycle, or simply wants to move up from a scooter.

One caveat here: The Silverwing is a powerful motorcycle which is capable of more than 100mph, and must be taken very seriously. In the early days there were several posts on a Silverwing forum from riders who were small in stature, breaking bones when their FSC 600 got away from them.

It turned out to be more bike than they could handle.

Several bikers purchased FSC 600's for their wives thinking that they would be safe on the Silverwing, only to find that they got into trouble in a big hurry.

I am aware of a few people who were seriously injured when crashing their Silverwings into other vehicles. In fact, the 'Wing can be a handful in tight places like one's own driveway, when a bit too much throttle and insufficient grip on the handlebars can lead to taking a spill or crashing into a parked car.

Other than these caveats, the Silverwing has been a pleasure to own and operate, and has given this author a tremendous amount of enjoyment.

Highly recommended!