2008 Honda FSC600 Silver Wing from United States of America


Other than the seat - unbelievably good - I love this Honda



General Comments:

Nimble, unusually good control (loves cornering and tight turns - quite fast in turns).

Do not really like the stock seat (to me it seems somewhat uncomfortable after more than 30 minutes of riding).

Definitely some buffeting at interstate speeds; more buffeting around tractor trailers, but VERY manageable.

Acceleration is very good, bought used and GIVI windshield is TOO good at stopping "air" for me - hardly any air hits me - I'm going to try to find a stock windshield and try that.

Did NOT buy an ABS unit because the front brake would have been applied (however little) if the rear brake is used in turns (did not want the front brake applied AT ALL in hard turns).

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Review Date: 21st July, 2010

5th Sep 2011, 16:51

My Silver Wing windshield has an air vent in it. It lets in plenty of air, and it has a lever to close it when it's cold!