2009 Honda FSC600 Silver Wing from United States of America


This is a great bike with super reliability and tons of storage


None, though I replaced both tires since the rears were too worn to pass inspection.

General Comments:

Great little bike, though it's not that small. Considered a Maxi scooter, it is easy to get on, super easy to drive and has a seat low enough for just about anybody to flat foot at a light.

Fuel injected, it always starts right up, no hesitation. Pretty strong acceleration, pulls away from stoplight nicely. Lots of power going from 30 up to 60 if you have to merge onto a highway.

CVT transmission is pretty bulletproof and you never have to think about what gear you need to be in or lug the motor. Occasionally I get a bit of a buzz out of it when starting from dead stop, but that's about it.

Handling is good, probably not sport bike good, but still lots of fun. I especially like taking it on back roads going between 40-50 mph. Since it has no clutch, the left lever is a combined front and rear brake action, both are discs. Front brake is the right lever, and when using both, it stops pretty quickly.

Seat is just OK, after about an hour, my butt starts to feel it. Floorboards are very wide and long so you can position your foot all the way forward like a cruiser, or pull em back some like a standard riding position, or you can mix and match.

Good instrumentation, tons of storage under the seat, two glove boxes up front, the left is huge. Great place to stash a bag if you go through the drive through window.

Reliability is great; it's a Honda so that just comes with the territory.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st October, 2018