2006 Honda Jazz from Canada


Everyone should have one, lots of fun, a great alternative to a 2nd car for picking up stuff


New tires after the first three years, new headlight in the first five years, whole brake system redone, new battery and tires after eight years. And now just need a new carb on it, but I figure after 37000 kilometers it's worth it.

General Comments:

It is fun to drive. It goes 80 kilometers and I know I look like yogi bear as I weigh over 200 pounds driving this tiny scooter, but it is so much fun. It is cheap on gas; it costs five dollars to fill the gas tank with mid grade gas and it lasts me two weeks. I have taken it on the highway and I have also been rammed off the road with it three times, and I have walked away with only scrapes and it has only had a few scratches to it, and has started up and we have drove off together.

I think it is a great scooter as you don't need a motor cycle license for it, just a regular drivers license and it makes you more aware of your driving. I think all new drivers should be driving these, as they will make them a better driver before they move on to driving a car.

It's easy to find parking and great fun when you have a few friends who like to ride together on an outing.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th June, 2016