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Hi. It's been great so far to help people and share information. I am going to try a bike review now!

I am sure you have noticed that motorcycling is on the way up due to the congestion charge on cars!? Living in London England, means there are plenty of reasons to go motorcycling. I can get around faster and easier than any other form of transport, even the Tube. One noticed that motorcycle parking is free as well. So a better way to travel around town not possible.

I was lucky to have a friend whom wanted to sell a Honda NSR125. I know you must be wondering why that and not another. Anyway, I was a little confused about all the rules on motorcycling, but was glad to find that as I had passed my test, none applied to me.

The Honda NSR125 is a watercooled single cylinder machine - the most expensive of the 125 cc machines that Honda makes. It has some interesting features and is at the most fashionable end of the market for learner and commuter riders. It has a full fairing to keep the wind aerodynamic, however it is for me a good looking machine. I knew what I exactly required when I looked in on my friend and his bike. Hence, I am reviewing the Honda NSR125.

~The Look~


It's had white plastic bodywork with silver controls, black buttons on the handlebars, and a blue display screen on the instrument panel. I liked that clearly. It's got many buttons on the front of the handle bars - on-off switch, stop clutch/brake levers, speedo, revcounter etc.

The seat is a black with silver inserts.

The machine itself does have a kick starter. It's also got locking fuel tank, alloy wheels, helmet lock, indicators, and rear seat foot pegs. This is very useful - you have added a passenger getting free travel. It can be crunch, but it must be good, for two people can go to work on it.



As for the weight, it is not going to be a concern for anyone, I can tell you that. It's very light compared to any other company's models, and other Honda products. The weight comes in at 300lbs, and is so light that anyone can move it. It could be pushed very easily, and picked up should it fall over, by most anybody.



About the price, it is not anything to be concerned about second hand. I got it from a friend, a special offer. It is something very much dependent on different retailers, but I bought it for £1000. The price for a new one is very much more, up to £3000 or more.

~Ease of Use~


It's has a very simple to use. That's a good point compared to some. It is easy to drive as it has a light easy gear change, and limited power, which mean it is a very easy machine to use.

It has 2 stroke oil, which is topped up with the petrol at 70mpg. It is good - it will easily do 70mph. The motor is not even trying as it is restricted due to government laws. Unrestricted it is twice as powerful, so it is only doing a very low revolution per minute when flat out. It is 12hp, but very big horses, like cart horses, not donkeys or ponies.

Another point is the ease of starting the electric motor, which is inside the engine and works first time every time. The seat is small, but comfortable for most people.



As it's highly economic to buy, then the fact is that I have used it for two months now, and it has lasted me this time with no problems at all. Lots of factors are involved in this scenario - it has a low watt motor, so is very restricted, and is using the power of 1/2 the unrestricted engine. It has done 10K miles at no expense to me, only petrol and 2 stroke oil.



It's made from strong plastic with bits of metal and a flexible plastic rubber mixture, so it is highly durable, and I have tested this many times while dropping it. While doing some cleaning, I knocked the bike, but I called the repair shop, then repaired it myself. When fiddling with it, it does not involve any problems. Nothing happened much, it is nothing remarkable.



It driving quality and feature are excellent for my limited needs. No 'WOW' factor, but the sound has a 'WOW' factor and I can recommend the extra feature of sound. It is so clear and bright to hear as it rev's around town. So handy, so useful, I can play on it as well as use it as a commuting machine. I am not at all able to complain about anything. It is then highly durable and economic to use. I do know where it is made (Japan), so it is very good quality.



As it does have a restricted motor, it is not for motorways or long distance riding! Small and light is OK, if you are small and light, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.



70mph and 70mpg, small, light and reliable, a good product to be of interest to learners, commuters and those wanting a small machine. It is excellent at what it does.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2006

5th Feb 2008, 03:29

Hi, I have an NSR125 and I can get 120 miles to a tank, and I can to a top speed of 110mph.

I agree with you; it is an awesome bike to ride.