1988 Honda NT650 from United States of America


The bike that inspired the Suzuki SV650


Rode the brake pedal for 8 miles, so the pads heated up and caused the rear brake to slowly seize. Dumb new rider mistake... Took it in to the dealer and all was fine when the brakes cooled down.

Little bit of flaking of the clear coat around the ignition area; just sanded it out and reapplied, no biggie.

General Comments:

Naked bike with fun, fun, fun! I love this bike. It's a 650; plenty big enough to have a good time with. No one believes me when I tell them it's an '88; it looks way too cool and modern. There's quite a cult following with this bike; tons of forums and support for owners.

The body is in great shape; no rust, no chipped paint. The aluminum frame is in excellent condition and the engine etc. is black as the day it shipped off the line. Brake lines have been replaced with braided steel. Tires upgraded a bit, rear fender minimized, forks upgraded, back shock in good shape.

When I took it into the dealer for the 24,000 mile service, they said they don't take bikes older than 1990. I said, "come see" and they took it. It's clean, fun and so cool looking. I get lots of lookers.

I paid $1,900 for mine, and put $400 into the 24k service, plus $20 in led brake lights, $200 to restore rear sets to stock, $10 brake pad, and $400 on a new paint job (my choice, the original paint was cherry).

She's not super fast, but she's beautiful and fun in the twisties. My boyfriend has a 2006 Yamaha FZ-1 he's modded out to 165 Hp, and every time he rides my bike, he gets off smiling. What more is there? :)

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th August, 2007