2006 Honda SES125 Dylan from United Kingdom


Best looking scooter ever


After 1000 miles, the braking light relay had gone, but was replaced under warranty conditions.

After 8000 miles, the original exhaust was gone badly, it started rusting and collapsing from the inside and after a short time was producing a huge amount of noise. I replaced one with Leo Vince 4Road stainless steel exhaust system for 280GBP.

After 16000 miles the variator rollers had worn out and I decided to change the whole variator to Malossi Multivar variator. (120GBP + work)

After 25000 miles, the carburettor needle dislocated.

After 26000 miles, the battery has been replaced. (50GBP)

After 27000 miles, Malossi rollers worn out and have been replaced. (12GBP + work)

After 27000 miles, the LeoVince exhaust pipe had to be re-built due to rusted collector pipe.

General Comments:

When it was in original condition it was easy-to-use reliable scooter with average performance.

Acceleration was satisfying, even though all automatic Honda scooters have an acceleration safety feature.

Top speed was 62mph, and was fast enough to feel confident on the 60mph road.

The bike itself is a great head-turner due to its design.

After I equipped it with a Malossi Multivar variator, Malossi 150cc Big-bore kit, Malossi secondary gear kit and LeoVince exhaust pipe:

the top speed gone up to 70mph, acceleration improved enormously and the bike itself didn't lose its reliability.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2009

8th Apr 2022, 23:09

Hi, I've got a Honda Dylan. A piston needs replacing with the cylinder head as it's smoking. What I want to know is it OK to just put the 150kit on it without changing the gearing of the bike as rest of it is OK and I'm doing it on a budget. Please let me know, many thanks.