1985 Honda VF500 Interceptor from United States of America


Amazing performance from a 500..


VF500 Interceptor was a nice bike. Before that I had a Yamaha XS400 Maxim.

The bike had been dropped before I bought it (They had glued parts of the fairing back together).

General Comments:

This was an amazing and technologically advanced bike for 1985. 4 cylinders with 4 valves per cylinder. Nicely balanced and light...

Does not start making any serious power until about 5000 rpm, but pulls cleanly and consistently from there on out. Anything over 7000 rpm and you will have much more important things to think about than the rpm gauge (You will be going pretty fast pretty quick).

It did not have quite as much power as I would like for playing in freeway traffic. Had an old guy in a Rolls Royce not realize I was next to him and tried pushing me into the center divider. (I barely managed to put him in the rear view before he completed his "lane change.")

This bike was cheap to operate. Warmed up a little bit on fast climbs on hot days. (I am 6' 3" and was about 230lbs at the time...)

Quite forgiving and well mannered. Pretty good bike for a beginner that you will not grow out of too quickly. Still brings up good memories even now...

Very comfortable for a small bike. Excellent sport bike type handling without forcing you into a "Joe Racer" riding position...

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Review Date: 16th May, 2006

22nd Jul 2009, 21:54

Yes I agree and love the idea of it!