1994 Honda VF750C Magna Deluxe from United States of America


I love my girls; riding them, cleaning them, working on them, or just looking at them


Not very much. I replaced just about all the parts on the bike, and have all the old parts for spares.

General Comments:

I love the Honda V4 design. They should make a new one with fuel injection and better brakes, ha.

I bought a second one in rough shape, and was gonna just use it for parts. Then I started cleaning it up and riding it around town. It ran so good without much work, then I started adding and polishing things, and couldn't stop, ha. So now I have one for the city and the other for the highway. They both are the same color, like twins.

My first one had a little clunking at idle, so I tried all different oils. Now I have Royal Purple 40w and no noises.

It also used to clunk a bit shifting from first to second, and back down to first. I added a Kevlar clutch; shifts like a dream now.

Also I see people talk about windshields. I tried them all. The best one is the little stock fairing. The wind still hit me in the top of the helmet, so I added a laminar lip; perfect now, the wind goes right over my head.

As far as seats go, the Mustang is the best; you can ride all day. I bought the regular one first, I gave it to my brother, he went and bought a Magna after I let him drive mine. So, I bought the one with the driver's backrest; it's great. Kury grips are the best too. I also added longer risers; great too. The floorboards are great too with highway pegs.

I have the Dave Dodge shim and jet kit, and a K&N air filter, with Vance and Hines pipes, and progressive shocks and fork springs, and a Superbrace on the fork. It was a lot of time and money, but worth it. Go to http://cruiser.mototribe.com/member/nickymetromagna if you want to see my bike.

Oh, I saw someone say about the finish on the wheels. I went and bought 2 wheels on eBay to practice on, and sanded and polished all the unfinished parts,and use a product called MFX to polish all wheels, forks and risers, master cylinder, levers; they look like chrome now.

I always put a little STA-BIL in the tank when I fill up; keeps the carbs clean. I don't want to take them off ever again, ha. My brother didn't start his bike in a couple of months. He's having that problem now, and I hope I don't have to take his carbs off again. I shimmed and jetted his about 2 years ago, and added K&N and Cobra pipes.

If you change the exhaust, go with the Vance and Hines; they are triple dipped chrome and weigh about 10 lbs apiece.

I have Jardine slash cuts on my other bike; they sound good, but the chrome quality isn't there, and they weigh about 2 lbs apiece.

And if your carbs are dirty and your bike is not running good, mostly low end, the low speed jets are clogged. A quick fix is Marvel Mystery Oil. Not that much, maybe a couple of oz for a couple of full tanks, and run the bike till it clears up. Then either clean or change the plugs. And the air filter too.

Well I hope this will help some other Magna owners, because I wasted a lot of time and money trying different things and parts.

Oh, another thing, bleed and flush your brake line and master cylinder. Both of my bikes were probably never changed since 1994; the brake fluid came out and looked like mud, ha.

And the last thing, always use a torque wrench, especially on the clutch bolts if you change the clutch, and on the axles if you change the wheels, or adjust the chain, and lube it with 90w gear oil only, cause it's an o-ring chain.

My bike now runs like a top, and I never worry about getting stuck anyplace!

I own 2 Magnas, and if I had the room in the garage, I would buy 5 more for every day of the week, ha. I just love when people ask me if my bike is new, and I tell them, they are gonna be 20 years old, and they don't believe me, ha.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2014