2009 Honda VT750CA from United States of America


It's been a great bike!


Bad ethanol gas once.

Chrome deflector on lower muffler fell off.

A couple headlight and blinker bulb replacements.

1 battery replacement.

General Comments:

I wanted to get back into bike riding after raising my family, and the Aero was the one that caught my eye. I liked the power to weight ratio and Honda dependability.

My only real complaints were:

(1) The OEM seat was only good for short rides of less than 30 miles, so I purchased a Mustang seat with backrest; can't stress enough how much of an improvement this was!

(2) The turn signal indicator light was hard to see, so I installed two LED pods to the windshield I added.

(3) No cruise control, so I added a Kurvayken throttle assist.

(4) Stock headlight was not enough, so I added the Honda driving lights.

I have done all the service to the bike myself after purchasing the shop manual.

I run Dyna Beads as they extend my tire life, and when I change tires myself I don't have to worry about balancing. The bike's OEM tires were Bridgestone Exedra 701 and 702. I have been very happy with these, so no reason to switch.

The bike has had no performance modifications at all. I use Castrol motorcycle oil and Hi-Flo filters.

I added a trunk, saddlebags and floorboards. And as I stated, I have over 64,000 miles with no issues. These bikes are pretty much bulletproof.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th July, 2018