2003 Honda VTR250 from New Zealand


Excellent learner and workhorse bike


Indicator bulb blew. Nothing else has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Great learner bike, very forgiving, excellent handling.

Great commuter bike, very economical, good brakes, including rear.

32bhp, not bad for a 250cc.

I kept this bike when I upgraded to a 750 for another 5 months. On one ride (other bike being serviced), mostly twisties, my friend couldn't keep up with me.

Top speed 140kph, but easy to 120.

Clunk into first and you're good to go.

Tank range 13 Litres for 300 kms.

Get some Pirelli Sport Demon tyres. The best tyre for these bikes.

This bike was killed when a car driver turned in front of me, $10,000 damage! It was a very sad day.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2010

1990 Honda VTR250 from United States of America


Handling sleeper that revs to the moon


Absolutely nothing. It is 1/2 of of the old Interceptor 500 engine and bulletproof. Heavy duty race boots do scuff up the side panels.

General Comments:

Much better performance than the Ninja 250 it competed with. Better low end power and torque. Very good build quality. Easily runs 85 all day long.

I have taken it, with luggage, on many trips, the longest of which was Boston to NC mountains, a week of mountain riding, and then back up. It never faltered. Handling is incredible.

Because it is a slender bike meant for beginners, it has a narrow low seat. I raised mine 2" and it made all the difference in the world.

Did I mention the incredible brakes?

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Review Date: 13th December, 2009

1988 Honda VTR250 from United States of America


All bikes should be made this dependable


The petcock was replaced when bike was 18 years old..

General Comments:

Great all around bike. Handles great. I live an hr from Deals Gap NC (The Dragon).

Great fuel mileage and super dependable. Has only had maintenance items; tires (1 front, 2 rear), 3 batteries, 1 chain, 1 air filter, 1 set of plugs, fork seals in 21 years.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2009

1989 Honda VTR250 from United States of America


Excellent bike to learn on and do short commutes with


Nothing - even after it was dropped.

General Comments:

In general I am very happy with the motorcycle. Honda reliability is evident, starts up every time, and usually starts cold without the choke even in chilly weather.

Off the line acceleration is good, and more than adequate to deal with the cages around you. It can hold 85 (speedo indicated) on the highway, although it will be buzzy. Highway passing requires planning, as the midrange pickup is lacking, even if you are in the correct gear.

The bike is narrow and makes an excellent lane splitter - and it is so light, I believe under 300 pounds with a low seat height, so it is very beginner friendly.

The throttle is predictable and linear, and even if you go crazy there is not enough power to get in trouble.

Handling is good, but the ride is somewhat harsh for a bike that doesn't give you all that much feel.

Braking power is only average, however on this type of bike you should not be going that fast anyway.

The seat becomes uncomfortable after an hour, and unbearable after 90 minutes, even with a good break.

The ergonomics and gauges are good, I am 6'3" with a 34" inseam and I am relatively comfortable, my wife at 5'3" also can handle it well.

The shifter is okay, and the clutch action is fair, not spectacular but perfectly usable.

Because the bike was only available in the US from 88-90, it is hard to get parts for, so that should be a consideration before purchasing. For this reason alone if I had it to do over again, I would probably get a Ninja 250. Otherwise, I am very happy with this bike, and although I am passing it on to my wife and getting a 82 Honda SilverWing 500, I doubt I will ever sell it - if and when she outgrows it, I will convert it to our track day bike.

All in all, an excellent product by Honda.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2009