11th Feb 2012, 00:38

I have a 86 Honda XL600R that is a blast to ride, but I recently tore it all the way down to its frame to paint it, but now my clutch won't release fast enough to kick in the gear. I have to release it, then push it out even more so it even starts to kick in...

If you have any info for me, please email me at jrvenegas91@Gmail.com. I am going out to the desert in a week, and would like to have it fixed.

7th Mar 2012, 06:49

I have a 1986 XL600R. How or where can I get a spark plug remover from? It's driving me mad. Any help would be nice.

16th May 2012, 00:56

Hi - I've just picked up an '86 XL600RMG, and while I can start 'er up OK when cold, a warm or hot start is crazy. This is the kick and e-start model, so I think decomp is automatic.

Have I got carby problems (too rich?), or is something else going on???

Thanks for any help with this, as I don't like having to wait for this beast of a bike to cool down before I can start it up again (particularly if I've only stopped to refuel).

Great to ride, love the bike, just want it to start when I want it to.


19th Feb 2013, 11:39

I have had a 1987 600 since new. It has always been difficult to start, but I found a routine that is always effective.

When cold, the bike does not like ANY throttle when kicking.

My routine is to engage the choke - then pull in the compression lever and holding the kill switch button, while kicking the bike three times. This makes kicking the bike with no compression easy and allows the proper amount of fuel to enter the carbs. After 3 kicks, release the compression lever, remove your thumb from the kill switch and WITHOUT GIVING IT ANY GAS, kick the bike over. It will start and idle all by itself. Do not give it any throttle, or the bike dies. After it idles a bit, then close the choke halfway and ride it. If after three kicks, the bike does not start, repeat the compression, kill switch procedure, kicking the bike over three times, then release the lever and thumb from the kill switch and kick it again.

This has always worked for me.

12th Jan 2015, 05:11

Try replacing the CDI unit.

2nd Aug 2017, 05:29

You probably need a stator, get a Rickey stator.

26th Aug 2018, 11:47

Hello Matt

I hope that you have recovered from your RTA.

I have an side panel off a Honda Xl600 which I think is for the left side if you still need one?