2014 Honda XR650L from United States of America


Dead reliable and it's a beast waiting to be awakened!


Absolutely nothing - this bike is bullet proof! Have only rode for 2251 miles on it. But I ride this big pig hard! It will take you anywhere; absolutely anywhere! I've fallen down hills onto big rocks. I have fallen into creek beds. I have fallen landing off motocross jumps and on pavement! No matter what, the big pig gets right back up and keeps going.

All I have to show from all these falls and mistakes I have made while riding is a scrape on my muffler from wiping out on the street, and I also had to adjust my forks after that wipe out only because it was such a hard wipe out.

But that's what's so awesome about this bike; everything is built to give so you can bend it back on the spot as long as you have a small tool kit to keep with you while riding; nothing will stop you! I'd rather have a bike that bends than breaks or snaps parts off when I crash, because then you can just keep going and that's what's most important!

General Comments:

When I first bought this bike it was completely stock from the dealer. So it was VERY heavy and kinda slow. As soon as I got home from the dealer, I started taking the bike apart to see where I can lose weight! After a week I was done and I dropped 25lbs - 30lbs from the bike and gained way better overall performance and reliability by doing all these things listed:

Removed and plugged smog.

Trimmed down all plastics by half.

Replaced rear fender and tail light.

Relocated battery fuses and CDI to under the seat.

Also switched to a small, light and powerful ballistic battery.

Protaper handle bars.

ASCRBS hand guards.

Moose racing jet kit.

DG O series slip on pipe.

Moto hose rubber muffler guard.

Full 100% off road tires.

Removed passenger pegs.

Removed side gas tank fairings.

Rental grips.

Adjusted throttle so it responds quicker.

Removed turn signals.

After all this I was so absolutely amazed with what a beast I had awakened. This bike can be used for whatever you desire: cross country, trail riding, highway, even motocross haha. I did the motocross - jumping was fun as heck! I chose to put it on a diet and make it quicker and more responsive so I can use it for hill climbing and hard trail riding!

I absolutely love this bike and it will always be in my garage; I refuse to ever sell this pig!

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2016

2008 Honda XR650L from United States of America


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Great dual sport. Do the carb & exhaust mods found online, and you awaken the beast!

It handles well for a dual sport, and has great brakes; really good feel, you know when they are ready to lock up a wheel.

The fuel tank is too small for serious adventure riding, but an aftermarket tank cures that, and I found the seat, while soft, is too narrow for long distances. A Corbin saddle cures that, but is expensive $$ and a little hard at first, but it molds to your rear after use.

The ergonomics are good; the bars and pegs are spaced well for a 6' person. It is a tall bike with lots of suspension travel, so shorter riders may have trouble at stops.

All in all, it's a good bike stock. Do the mod's and it's a great adventure bike with the accent on off road, and not bad on the pavement either.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2013