2000 Husqvarna TE 610 LT from Greece


Take care of it, and it will run strong for a long time


Cam chain tensioner (3-4 times) under warranty until 22000 kms.

Cam chain (due to the tensioner), at 22000 kms. At 32000 kms it is rattling again (!)

Carburator short out (from 0 to 600 kms).

Steering head bearings, twice (20000 kms and 32000 kms again due to bad placement).

Clutch cable snaps (expensive part!) every 10000 kms approx.

No serious electrical faults (!). Tail light bulbs going off often, instruments light bulbs went off at 12000 kms - replaced them once and then let them burn (-ed)... (when I did, tail light bulbs burned immediately afterwards)...

General Comments:

Very nice all - rounder... Use it for small trips and in and out of the city (city DOG).

Uncomfortable seat for long journeys or for the passenger.

Great suspension - fabulous front forks, very stiff framework, excellent braking abilities (4 piston Brembo caliper on a 320 mm rotor disc), very good handling on tarmac, "can you tame it?" on dirt - just grasp the gas... and off you go.

Very good engine performance - not faster though than most 4T KTMs. Once raced a Porche Carrera S4 or something (some yellow silly car) and actually we were goin' together. Its antispin system sounds strange... quirk ---- quirk... Not good for wheelies (could be me :)... not the Husky)

Engine reliability problems (see above) maybe due to bad servicing provided by the authorised service point - dealer (never cleaned the oil metal -sieve- suction filter for example - scary sight at 32000 kms). Most rubber hoses are going off - bad material quality... Needs attention to run smoothly...

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 31st May, 2006