2006 Hyosung GT250 from New Zealand


I bought another one, and would do so again!!


At 98000km, the hardening on one of the main bearings started disintegrating, so both were replaced.

General Comments:

Under warranty this bike had a new shock.

No other problems apart from the usual "wear and tear" eg tyres, chains etc.

Been serviced every 4000km as recommended.

Apart from having 2 crashes (both caused by cars into me), this bike has been ridden every day until I purchased a GT650N in June this year, and since then it has covered 2500km.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2010

2005 Hyosung GT250 from New Zealand


An excellent learner package


Side stand switch faulty, easily fixed.

General Comments:

My first motorcycle was an Honda NSR250MC21 SE, so obviously this bike was a step down in power and handling.

However, had I known how competent this bike was, I would have chosen it over the NSR.

Braking is excellent, even with the single disc, acceleration is brisk to 60-70km/h, but levels a fair bit when you hit 100km/h. Overtaking takes a fair bit of revs, but is acceptable for a bike of this capacity.

The most fun is to be had in tight twisty section, where the wide bars, and excellent gearing can make you forget the capacity. I would rate it over the current 250 Ninja, having ridden both. The engine and gearing is a lot smoother.

Handling is great, turn in with the wider bars is fast, especially if you're used to clip-ons. Can get a bit of shake through the bars if things get rough, but nothing that's gotten out of hand.

Fuel consumption is excellent, 60-70 mpg is not uncommon (on the NSR I was lucky to get above 20 mpg!).

Of the bikes in the Hyosung range, I would definitely say this is the sweet spot; the other bikes seem a bit dubious.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2010