1985 Kawasaki 454 LTD from United States of America


Great little bike, fun to ride, looks nice, handles good, a little tall, but almost perfect


Have never had any trouble with it since I purchased it. Nothing.

General Comments:

This motorcycle is comfortable, and rides quick.

Great on gas. Fun bike to ride.

I've owned it 11 years. Will never sell it. I've owned 5 other bikes, but will always have this one.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2010

8th Apr 2010, 13:20

Just bought one, have not yet rode it, looking forward to it, thanks for the good comments...

28th Oct 2010, 23:42

I have owned 2 '96 454s. These are the best bikes I have owned for the money. I have owned over 40 bikes of all makes and styles.

The 1st one I bought was in 1989, it was an 86' model with only 2,100 miles on it. I rode it from South Dakota to Washington state (2,000) miles. 4 times. This bike was amazing. I have run it 95 mph the majority of the trips, and in the twisties I can keep up to crotch rocket when I have a passenger. In fact usually beat them. Probably a lot to do with rider experience, but the bike's powerband sure did help.

These will pull the wheel up easier than any other bike I have owned, or you can just cruise around town if that is what you are into.

I put over 30,000 miles on the first one, and a carb sync and a lot of back tires were the only thing I had to do to it.

I then stepped up to a GS1100E, another great bike. Had that and my chopper for 2 years. Then picked up my 2nd 454, it had 8500 miles. After 6 months, I ended up selling my other 2 bikes, because I was always on the 454. They are just so fun to ride. Fast off the start, great handling, I just can't say enough good about these. Kawasaki, NEVER should have changed to the Vulcan 500 style; what a waste, not even half the bike the 454 was. I put 22,000 miles on the second one before selling it for the same price I had bought it for 2 years earlier.

My son now has his learners permit, and "I WILL BUY A 454LTD" for him to learn on. He rides dirt bikes now so it should be an easy transition. He like all teens thinks he needs a 600cc crotch rocket. After he rides this bike for the 1st time, I guarantee, it will be like pulling teeth to get him off of it.

If any of you are thinking about purchasing a 454LTD, "YOU CAN'T GO WRONG"...

25th Jan 2011, 10:20

I owned several motorcycles since 1966, from a 50 cc Suzuki single, to a Honda Valkyrie 6 cylinder 1520 cc. I sold the Valkyrie a few months ago. It was very stable on the hwy, but at around 800 pounds, it was hard to handle when moving it around the garage, or at low riding speeds.

I bought my 1990 Kawasaki 454 LTD with 11,000 miles a few weeks ago. It handles like a dream. It is extremely nimble and inspires confidence. I could not believe the power that the bike has. I am 185 pounds, and 5'8" tall. I would like it if the seat were a little longer, so that I was not forced to ride in only one position. I am really enjoying this bike. I don't know why I haven't found one like this years ago.

1985 Kawasaki 454 LTD from United States of America


Very powerful and reliable


When I got the bike, it had sat since 88.

Anyway, I got it in 2004, and just started working on it at the start of this year.

I had the carburetors cleaned out, and I have rode it twice, that is all. I can get it started.

I noticed after I rode it both times, that the right side carburetor was leaking gas into the area where my air filters go. I think it's the needle, but I am not sure yet.

General Comments:

The two times I rode it, it flew. I have a 50 yard long back yard and it pealed out every bit of that 50 yards. Then I had to stop.

It is very powerful, and I have noticed that Kawasaki uses its motor in their crotch rockets now.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2008

11th May 2017, 19:13

Well this engine actually came out of the Ninja 900.