10th Apr 2016, 20:10

I bought a new 1970 Kawasaki Mach III H1. It was every bit as fast as reputed. First run at the local drag strip yielded a 12.9 second run. On the highway it would push the speedo past 120 mph.

It chewed up the drive train, wearing out chains, tires, sprockets, cush drive, transmission gears, and clutch. The engine was solid with 35,000 miles before a top end job, crankshaft seized at 38,000. The bike would wheelie at a flick of the throttle, never had a speed wobble, broke two engine covers while heeled over in a turn.

Mods were, removal of center stand, low handle bars, Barnett clutch, triple air filters, re-jetted carbs. The engine was docile at low RPM, and the action started at 5,000 RPM.

A most exhilarating sport bike, not a good touring ride.

4th Dec 2016, 18:29

What a story :) But what happened next? Was it a beautiful wife as well as kids and stuff?

21st Nov 2017, 03:51

During the late 60s and early 70s, my 2 strokes went from the X6 Hustler to Kaw Avenger to a Suzuki GT550 triple. On the 4 stroke side I had a CL450 Honda and BSA 650. Both the Avenger and the GT550 would outrun either 4 stroke on a normal day, but all the 2 strokes had similar trouble to yours with high altitude or very hot temperatures. Ran in a stupor, like they had overdosed until a plug would foul. Must be an oil in the gas thing.

17th Jul 2019, 15:38

Kawasaki Mach 111:

Quite simply; "The most exciting motorcycle of the twentieth century".

- I have two.

29th Oct 2019, 00:19

I picked up a 1974 model yesterday, green, which was my first real street bike back in about 1977. I have many wild memories of dropping the clutch at 10 grand and cooking the tire until shifting to enough traction to wheelie. Light to light racing, power shifting like a madman. What ride. Times relived.

10th Nov 2019, 06:13

Right on review. At 21 in the Navy I bought a 1970 red Mach lll in Tokyo. Rode it onto the ship and off loaded it in San Diego. Nothing could touch it in a straight line. If you wanted to cruise around, keep the RPMs under 3500. Very poor gas mileage. I once went into a freeway off ramp too fast, into the middle of five other bikes. My bike did some serious hopping and twisting, thought I would crash for sure. My Mom’s prayers and God’s mercy kept me from injuries to myself and several others. Sold it to a guy traveling to Oregon, who’s Harley blew up, before I went overseas again. Boy was he surprised when he gave it the gas. LOL. Wish I could have kept it.