1984 Kawasaki KLR600 A1 from United States of America


A blast from the past!!!


I found my KLR 600 online about an hour and a half away from me. The pictures/price made me think I had better check it out. Upon inspecting it with my own eyes it was in great physical shape, no major signs of hard riding on the bike. Just needed new sprockets and chain, turn signals put back on, and some carb work.

I changed the oil at his house and rode it back almost 100 miles, the whole way gaining confidence it was worth the thousand bucks. Got it home, cleaned the carburetor, changed the oil and filter again, fixed the broken kick stand as I'm sure they tried to start this beast with it down, and rode it for a whole season without incident.

The only things I would say negative about the bike:

Kick starting can be a nightmare.

Also the seat can get uncomfortable constantly sitting riding on road for long periods; on the trails it's fine.

My bike doesn't do well with power washing, turn signals won't flash, and sometimes "mysteriously" the engine dies while riding for a day or two after a bath. But never had it happen getting wet while riding in rain or trail water holes.

General Comments:

Great all around bike. She is a big girl, and will take some figuring out if you're used to lighter, smaller bikes. This bike will make a man out of you when it comes to kick starting, it can get tricky.

For being only 564cc, 32 years old, and 19k miles on it, I disregard the negative things I read about these bikes. Do your maintenance with quality products and the bike will hold the quality the manufacturer intended when they built it. I have outrun a DR650 and XR650, both 2017 models. Might have been rider related, but I smoked them either way.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 16th April, 2017