1997 Kawasaki KZ1000P from United States of America


The attention and respect that you get while riding this cop bike is awesome! Just don't abuse it :)


Just proper maintenance. Known to have noisy valve trains. Have this sorted out and you will have many years of good riding.

General Comments:

Growing up in the in the '70s, you wanted to be like Erik Estrada of "CHiPs". Having a KZ1000P in Southern California is a dream come true!

I got the bike from a rider who does funeral escorts. The pursuit lights and siren were still installed and working. Most of these retired units have been stripped of these goodies, but mine "got away" with it!

It still has the full police fairings and drivers slow down and let you pass by. "Parting of the Red Sea" is how I can described it during rush hour California traffic.

I never had any trouble with the cops. They actually appreciate it and tell me stories about their old KZs. Most SoCal Police Officers use Hondas and BMWs now.

It's a Police Bike! It has been through a hard life but maintenance has always been recorded. It has some battle scars, but that adds to the bike's personality.

Parts are so readily available and all cops agree that the engines on these bikes are bullet proof. However you might want to take that is entirely up to you.

Man, I love this bike! Officer "Ponch" signing off!

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 27th August, 2016