2013 Kawasaki Versys KLE650 from United States of America


The Versys is perfect for someone who wants an affordable all around bike


I haven't put many miles on the bike, but so far it runs great. Then again it's like new.

General Comments:

It is faster than me, and handles better than I can. I am 65, so even though I've been riding 47 years, I've lost some of my skills. I use the Versys to ride mountain / coastal roads where I live. I use my Victory for long hauls.

The only thing I don't like is the Versys is kinda buzzy. I put foam grips over the stock ones and that helped a lot. But the Versys has a nice upright riding position. I'm too stove up to ride a sport bike. I put small Nelson Rigg hard foam bags on it that are just right to hold a bottle of water, a hoodie, extra gloves and the liner for my mesh jacket. It can be 100° where I live, but in the 60s on the coast.

I think the Versys would be great for commuting, with a narrow profile so you can split lanes, which is legal in California (neener, neener you other states).

I may add that I've seen the Versys with stock panniers and a taller windscreen, so some people tour with it. It gets 50 MPG compared to the 33 MPG my Victory gets, but it is > half the size of my Vic.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2018