2006 Kawasaki VN2000E from United States of America


If you can afford one with all the extras, do it


Rear tire decided it didn't like the bead at about 160 miles. (maybe my fault... we'll never know for sure).

All I know is that I need to find someone other than a dealer to fix these problems. A new rear tire and an oil change was $340.

It's tries to snap my neck when I really open the throttle.

General Comments:

This bike has an incredible amount of power. It gets up to speed without argument or compromise.

Both the driver and passenger seats are spacious, yet uncomfortable. I wouldn't run an out-of-state road trip without a pillow or new seats.

This bike is heavy. I was weaned on an 1981 1100cc Goldwing, and have spent a lot of time on an 1988 1500cc 'wing. I've been surprised that this cruiser is occasionally harder to handle in tight spaces, i.e., parking lots, tight cornering, etc...

This is the first bike that I've ever really felt confident while running 80mph or 90mph on the interstate.

The accessories seem to be expensive, even JC Whitney feels on the high side for extras like saddlebags, windshield, sissy bar, etc... There is an "LT" model of this bike that comes from Kawasaki with saddlebags, windshield and sissy bar, but it's not something you can customize, and I don't care for all the studs they add.

After riding this bike for nearly 500 miles, I've decided to downgrade since the majority of my riding is within the city limits. The bike is amazing, but I feel guilty keeping it cooped up as a commuter vehicle: this bike wants to be free to tear up a state at a time.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 17th May, 2008

26th Jul 2008, 05:09

I agree with all of the comments except one. I am addicted to the power and can work through the parking lot weight of bike problems. It does take careful planning in tight spaces at low speeds.