2004 Kawasaki VN800B Classic from United States of America


Quality built motorcycle


Since owning the Kawasaki 800 B Classic, I can say that there was not one problem in the 33000 miles I have owned it.

General Comments:

The Kawasaki 800 B Classic with some added options made my 800 B a real pleasure, and having an economic impact while driving at the same time.

The 800 B handles beautifully on mountain, city, and or just plain twisty roads.

With zero problems, regular service is all the 880 B requires, and I do change the oil every 3k, but in the TEXAS heat I've changed the oil twice, with one filter every 3k.

The seat should have been designed more for comfort vs. mass production.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th September, 2010

3rd Mar 2020, 04:26

I agree, I’m impressed, with my 2003 VN800B Classic. But I got it in November and I’ve only ridden 400 miles so far. I had two vans so traded one for it. It has 28K miles. All I’ve done is change the oil & filter and ride it. Well, I oiled a few things like the clutch cable and chain. It’s slightly noisy but I like it. Previous owner did a lot of work on it including pipes. The Mustang seat is comfortable. I wish I knew what other work was done to it. It’s slightly lowered and I read that’s easily adjustable? I’m not a motorcycle mechanic, more a jack of all trades. I want to adjust the valves next, but have never adjusted valves with shims before. Where do I buy the shims?. Can I sand down any that are too tight? It’s been great to get my motorcycle endorsement again after 24 years.