1995 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500A from United States of America


For the money, it simply cannot be beat if you want a bike that moves when you twist it


Not one single thing has gone wrong with the bike.

General Comments:

This bike flies, the torque is very good and I would imagine in its day it was one of the fastest production bikes out there for its class.

I am an old HD rider, ie. Sportsters and FXR, and I have a real bone of contention with Willie Davidson... he is never getting another dime from me.

I think that I got a fabulous deal on this bike.

It has 1100 miles on the speedo, and while I originally thought that it might have been 100110, the more my husband and I look at the bike, the more we think this may be the original mileage. I am very stoked about be able to get this bike. I've only had it about 200 miles worth of riding.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2010

13th Apr 2010, 20:55

I have owned 2 - a 99 1500A and a 97 1500C (L). They are basically the same except the L has spoke rims. Put 57,000 miles on the A and 60,000 on the L.

If you like to go fast and comfortable, this is the bike. The seat beats any seat around - you can't get a custom made seat that will be more comfortable. They run like crazy - seriously, 100 in the quarter mile and that is stock. They handle well, get decent gas mileage and don't break down.

The weaknesses - clutch. Too much torque, you can go thru a clutch pretty quickly. And they have a plastic oil gear, which sometimes breaks. My 97 did and Kawasaki built me a whole new engine for free. Go to the VROC site and check out the info on the POG (plastic oil gear). You need to know about it.

Good luck, and hope you have as many happy miles on your bike as I had on mine.