1988 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500SE from United States of America


Tons of iron for the money


Nothing; the previous owner was a shade-tree mechanic and had bought it as a basket case. He fixed everything and rode it for a year or so, and then bought another bike and sold this one.

General Comments:

This is one of the best bikes and deals I've ever gotten. I only paid $1100 for the bike and it looks and runs great. Of course, it has a few scratches and blemishes, and the tank and fenders are only primered, but after I detailed the bike, it was really nice.

I've had four Harley's and this Vulcan 1500SE looks, sounds and runs as good as any Harley I've had at 1/10th of the price. Also, of course, it doesn't have the "mystique" of a real Harley, but fortunately I've outgrown the need.

I regard this bike a a "throw-away" bike as it was so cheap (relatively). I didn't have the money or desire for a Harley and I was actually looking for an older inexpensive BMW. However, in my price range (under $3K) all I found were old high mileage rust-buckets. I ran across this Vulcan on craigslist.com and gladly bought it.

I found that there are a lot of decent rice-burners out there if you don't need the status of a Harley or BMW. And the prices on Japanese bikes are really comparatively low.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2005

17th Feb 2005, 10:40

Just bought an 04 1500 Classic. Good price, comparable to a Fat Boy for 7800.00, saved around 12-13000. Not bad eh?

I don't need or want a Harley. I've got my Metric Twin and Harley can't put my money in their pocket to weather a slowdown in the market, and take advantage of those who want rumble.

As good as American, but without the American profit margin. I'll give a guy some profit, but not a killing.

The bike is great - rides great, great power and is as much a classic as a Harley. You can look down your nose Harley riders, but it is a pretty expensive look eh? Nothing wrong with Metrics.