2nd Dec 2008, 08:31

Guys, greetings from Varna/Bulgaria. I'm a 53 year old biker who doesn't ride only when there's snow outside. And even then I make a circle or two inside the garage.

I don't remember exactly how many bikes I have changed since I started at 16. They are my passion and life, and every free second I have I either ride or work on them.

Presently have 2 Kawas - one Vulcan 1500 - a great bike - when you ride it you feel like a king.

The second one - a Vulcan 750 I imported from the states this Summer. It's a real killer with its 66hp and has a great rumble that makes the dogs barking and turns on all car alarms along the way. Can tell you that the USA 750 version has nothing to do with the European one with its sorry 50hp. And if you ask about the 1500 / also USA model / just remember that in the summer races it easily overtakes the Harleys and any others.

24th Jun 2015, 19:43

I am in my 60s and I have owned five 1979 KZ650SRs, including one I bought new in '79. I had to sell my last one a couple years ago due to some health problems. Well, I lived and now I want another Kawasaki. I found a couple of the '79 SRs that I have loved over the years, but couldn't find anything nearly as good as the one I had. While shopping, a Vulcan 750 caught my eye. It reminds me of a Sportster, but yet doesn't appear a knock off or poor copy. I ended up purchasing a 1993 model with 18,000 miles that looks and sounds really good. I pick it up in a couple days, and from what I have read here, I cannot wait to ride it. Wish an old man good luck, eh?