2004 Kawasaki Z750 from Australia


Cheap straightforward fun bike


I have had no problems as of yet with the Z750, it's still a new bike.

General Comments:

The Z 750 fuel injection and throttle response is very smooth and linear below 6000 revs. Above 6000 revs the bike has a few vibes. Above 8000 revs you have pressed the go button and can this thing move when pressed.

Great bike in the city, can cut through traffic easily.

For the price, the bike has great handling, very neutral and safe feeling.

The screen is effective at legal speed limits. Up the pace and things get quite breezy.

I reckon the brakes can do with a bit of work, a little second rate.

Great fun on ride days. If you've got the guts, it can handle it with the best, and can surprise a few.

Pegs can be a bit low for track days.

Not the most comfortable long-distance machine, forget about pillions, and if you have a wife or friend, don't take them with you, you will end up separated.

Good all-rounder.

Found the suspension average for my weight, so I have had it reworked for my riding style and me.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2005

2002 Kawasaki Z750 from Canada


Good all-purpose low priced crowd pleaser, suited for the non-mechanically inclined


Nothing has gone wrong with it. Mine is the ZR7S model, 4-in-line, 738cc known as the Z750.

The 1000km routine recommended adjustments cost $310 Can-Dollars (70% labor), which I thought was expensive, but was reportedly normal. This included valve-shims and high labor due to a factory glued top gasket. However, future gaskets will be easier to fit, as no glue is used.

The worst feature is the design location of the battery. To remove the battery, one has to remove the seat, then the air intake/filter box.

The side covers on the bike are tricky to remount after removal, and the hardware is not durable.

General Comments:

An excellent all-purpose bike. About a 1" longer wheelbase than similar bikes and a somewhat softer suspension gives it a nice highway cruising ride. Cornering is OK, but I cannot seem to keep up with the 1200cc bikers.

High seat height means you should be 5'-10" tall or over, but this adds to thrill in cornering.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2005

14th Mar 2006, 22:24

The ZR7S and the Z750 are two separate and different bikes. While the Z7RS may once have been known as a Z750, that is no more. Please don’t confuse them as being the same. Also produced by Kawasaki, the Z750 is a new model in 2004n which is based on the “naked” sport-touring platform. I own an 04 Z750 and I would highly recommend it.

5th Oct 2006, 10:56

Yes, the Z750 is based on the 03 Z1000 with a smaller engine. ZR7s use the KZ base engine from the 80s. Those two are completely different bikes. I used to own a ZR7 and now I ride a Z1000. What a difference in every way!

31st Oct 2006, 22:43

I have just bought a brand new '06 Z750. It's still in the run-in stage, but is fantastic to ride, and looks awesome. Totally black, it's a real head turner.

2004 Kawasaki Z750 from United Kingdom


Fantastic for a first road bike, go and buy one


Since owning the Z nothing has gone wrong, but you wouldn't expext it to with a new bike.

General Comments:

The handling with the Z is still surprising to me. The harder I stuff it into corners, the quicker it wants to come out.

I have fitted an ER-MAX screen, which helps with the wind on long journeys, and the belly pan makes the bike look much better.

Overall I'm very impressed with the Z, but I can't wait for my insurance to come down so I can buy a ZX12R.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2005

2004 Kawasaki Z750 from United Kingdom


An excellent first bike that looks amazing and with plenty of go!


Nothing yet, but then you wouldn't expect anything to go wrong yet would you?? Hopefully.

The only complaint I would have would be with Kawasaki's insistence on getting the first service done by a dealer to validate the warranty, & then the dealer charging stupid money to what effectively amounts to changing the oil & stamping the log book. Not usually a problem if you take the bike back to the place you bought it from through.

General Comments:

Since this is my first bike, & I haven't done any great mileage, I can't really be that objective, but out of the several bikes in the class bracket I definitely feel I've made the best choice.

Every time I'm out on it though, it never fails to put a smile on my face. And it easily is the better looking bike over say the Fazer & the Hornet 600's.

Performance, handling, etc for the bike are all way above my capabilities as a rider at the minute. Which will hopefully mean that I will be happy with it for several years to come.

The only small little niggle I've noticed so far is that the bars can be a bit vibby at times, oh & the air deflector which is supposed to create 'an air dam around the rider' really doesn't work at about 120mph.

It gets uncomfortable at about 2 hours.

Oh, & the girlfriend refused to get on the back, even after I offered to get her some leathers. Which was more for me I'll admit.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2004

1st Jul 2005, 06:15

I have a Z750. Put on a Corbin seat which is much more comfortable, worth the money.

7th Aug 2006, 07:57

The Z750 was probably not a good choice for a beginner. You should learn to ride before you even think of taking pillions. Also if you find a Z750 uncomfortable after 2 hours, your riding position is probably not quite right. The seating position of a pillion on a semi-sports bike is also crucial for safety and comfort. If he/she is holding on just with the hands, it could cause you to become unsettled.