1990 Kawasaki Z750GT P5 from United Kingdom


Better than plastic fantastic


Starter gear and starter clutch, and associated parts on the secondary shaft.

Now all sorted out, runs fine.

General Comments:

This bike is the unsung hero of the dispatch world, but not everybody knows just how good a bike these really are!

My bike goes well, handles well, it is ever so easy to maintain, and cheap too. It does have a shaft final drive for ease of maintenance.

It has very good economy if ridden right (50 mpg), but also if you have a heavy right arm, then it can get thirsty, hi 30's mpg.

The bike is also fitted with Givi full motor cycle luggage set, so I can up and go anywhere, or go do some shopping.

My bike has had the frame and bodywork all painted up in a pearlescent blue, and it looks fabulous.

What do I like about my bike so much? It is user friendly good all rounder, and above all, it's a mans bike.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th July, 2005