2002 Kawasaki ZX-6R from United States of America


I've had issues with my carbs getting out of sync, but other than that, this bike is the best, quickest and fastest bike I have ever owned.

General Comments:

I've owned many motorcycles in my day. From Yamaha, Susuki and Kawasaki (no Hondas), from 1000cc to 250cc, and this bike ride like a light cycle from Tron. It'll will outrun any litre bike all the way to 140. I'm 39 and this is my way of staying young (crotch rocket). My wife bought it for me as a welcome home present from Afganistan, and it has been my escape from reality. I would suggest the ZX6R to anyone who is looking for an escape. Not to mention it's just a lot of fun to modify in your free time. Dyno last year at 137 rear wheel hp.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2010

2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R from South Africa


All Round Star


Only reliability problem I have had with my 636 has been 3rd gear slip, so I have to undercut the gear.

I also had to replace al the fairing because of a car bumping it in a parking area.

General Comments:

The 636 is a brilliant all-round sports bike.

The motor has got enough low down power to do traffic with ease, but then there's enough power at the top to shake of any 600 & some 750's.

At 6"3 I find the ergo's perfect for town riding & long trips. It just needs a high rise screen.

I have done long pillion trips with the greatest of easy & comfort, the only trouble is keeping the front wheel on the ground.

With stock gearing I found it to be very economical, but dropping a tooth at the front has had an effect on high speed highway cruising.

Every now and then I think about upgrading to a 1000, but after every trip with my friends with their 1000’s, I fall I love with the 636 from the start. In black it looks amazing and it’s a big head turner.

If someone asked me what bike to buy, I would not hesitate to advise them on a 636!

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Review Date: 24th January, 2008

1996 Kawasaki ZX-6R from United Kingdom




Front callipers needed new seals after 25,000 miles and being ridden through 8 British winters.

Swinging arm bearings and rear shock linkages also needed replacement after 25,000 miles and being ridden through 8 British winters, but I'm not complaining!

Downpipes are very rusty now, time for some stainless replacements.

A bit of carburettor icing in cold, damp conditions.

General Comments:

Absolutely superb. Seriously. It does 160 mph, it frightens the wotsits out of me around Brands Hatch, and yet on the road it returns 45 mpg and costs £120 fully comp for the insurance!

People moan in a lot of reviews that it can't 'hack' it against modern 600s. No, it can't. It is 10 years old now and was one of the quickest, if not the quickest in class when it was built, but it's a decade old, so it won't keep up with the 636.

Let's face it, most people ride their 600s on the road, this bike has good fuel economy, a fairing big enough to tuck behind. Solo up to 5 hours in the saddle is possible and the missus will sit on the back with a weekends' luggage for 2 hours at a time. It's got more mid-range than a similar vintage GSXR 600, and more top end and sports potential than the CBR. Oh, it has that Kawasaki trademark airbox yowl and sounds glorious on a noisy pipe.

Spares are cheap, so is the insurance, and you can pick up a fairly tidy one for £1000. I bought a complete set of bodywork and wheels for £350 which I use for trackdays and then swap for standard for riding to work.

If you can cope without having the latest sports bike, and want something to give you an ear to ear grin and your wallet an easy time, buy one of these. In green!

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Review Date: 7th October, 2007

28th Oct 2007, 02:40

Your report was spot on.

6th May 2008, 10:11

Excellent evaluation of a fantastic bike, would recommend one to anyone!