27th Nov 2007, 17:00


Does anyone know how makes sports rack for the zzr250? I'm after putting a back box on, but I've looked at all the different racks and I can't find one that fits a ZZR250. Where am I going wrong?

29th Nov 2007, 18:01

Regarding the comment about non starting, check your carburettors as it sounds like you have flooding. Check your fuel line isn't breaking up internally as debris from this can jam open the float valve, thus causing flooding.

22nd Dec 2007, 21:03

It is an easy fix, I should simply unbolt the carburettor and soak it in a bucket of petrol overnight. I would then apply some gasket sealant to the carburettor mounting plate or bracket and re bolt it back on there. This sounds like a classic case of a vacuum leak to my mind.

26th Dec 2007, 00:58

Cheers mate, blinding bit of advice. We unbolted the carb then threw it into a bucket full of petrol, left that overnight, it was black petrol in the morning! So we poured new petrol on to the mixture, let it all sit another night, then bolted it back on the bike. Sound as a pound mate, it is running sweet as a nut. I did have some fumes from the new gasket maker when blatting about, but after 30 miles it's gone. Cheers for the cheap fix mate, I have been down the pub all weekend through this.

28th May 2008, 04:37

Hey guys.

I live in Melbourne, and am about to make a deal on a 1994 ZZR250, which has done 21000kms. Settling a deal for 3500 aud. Is it worth buying the bike at this price? I saw and tested it today, and the bike felt like its genuinely done just 21k kms, and it felt crisp and well maintained. What would some of the experienced ZZR owners have to say? Suggestions would really help.



29th May 2008, 23:54


I just bought a ZZR250 1994 model, and it's done 81000km. When the bike idles with the clutch out, it makes a knocking sound! It's not the tappets because I can hear them banging a bit too. It's definitely got something to do with the clutch!

Can anyone give any suggestions on how to fix this?



29th Jun 2008, 18:27

The knocking noise at idle & just off idle is caused by a plastic buffer in the clutch, which wears almost from day one & causes backlash when there is no load! They all have this fault, & all have this god awful noise that sounds like the thing is coming apart.

I didn't believe this at first, but after listening to lots of them idle on YouTube & then doing some testing on the two I have (one was a spare), I can't find any play in any bearings, conrod, piston etc.

One thing I found that does make them quieter is the cam chain tensioner; take it off & clean it out, as old oil gunges it up & makes it stick.

If it has wear on the slider from the ball bearings, then that bit will need replaced, or a manual adjuster put in its place.

Have fun & don't worry about that noise.

26th Jul 2008, 01:33

We have just bought a 2005 ZZR250 on Saturday. It has done 38000 klms and is in great condition. I have read the comments on this bike, and know that I have made the right decision in purchasing this bike.

4th Aug 2008, 18:14

I am thinking of purchasing the Kawasaki ZZR250 2000 model. I'm about 80kgs and 6"3. Is it a reliable bike, and does it have enough power to pull me along, and what should be the second hand price for this 2000 model?

Thanks to anyone who can answer this.

6th Nov 2008, 15:50

In January 2000 I bought a 1994 Kawasaki ZZR250 for 1350 pounds. It was an import that had been clocked. Other than that, it was one of the best bikes I had ever owned. It was comfortable, reliable, economical and reasonably quick. Obviously not as quick as the large displacement motorcycles, but then it is only a 250.

The engine was a tough little work horse. It never used oil and with fairly hard riding around town, I never got anything below 60 mpg. I rode it daily for just over a year and clocked up about 8000 miles with no problems at all. Good bike. Well recommended.

15th Dec 2008, 03:26

To people who wish to buy this bike:

Being an owner for many years now, I have experienced only one simple problem of flooding. Other than this, the 1992 ZZR has been the most enjoyable ride I have ever had the pleasure to own and has so much to offer. I hope all people get to have the same fun I have had over the years.

Thoroughly recommended learners bike :)

23rd Dec 2008, 16:35

Just bought a 1991 ZZR 250. It had been standing for 3 years, so needed the carbs sorting, otherwise goes great! Lots of fun and looking forward to saving some fuel money.

Idling seems a bit of an issue - will not tick over nicely - dirt/rust in the fuel I think - added a bottle of fuel additive and filled up on high octane - see if that sorts it out.

29th Dec 2008, 22:38

I have a ZZR 250. It was going alright; top speed I got was 170. I weigh 67kgs, but be careful about thrashing this bike.

I have had mine for 8 months; now it's 2008 December, and I was going to my mate's house, and on the way my bottom end just gave up. Now it makes a very loud knocking noise, and I am up for 1500 dollars Australian money to get a second hand motor put in it.

Just a warning; I never red lined this bike, got it at 35000 km on the clock, now it is at 40500. I've had it for 8 months, they are really good bikes, but watch out, don't thrash your girl too hard, otherwise yours will give up too, and I did take care of mine; serviced it when I got it; oil change, filter, spark plugs, valve clearance.

Just don't treat them too bad; every gear change 9000 to 11000 from 3rd gear, but I did give her a thrashing. Got her to 160 plenty of times, but never held for more than 15 seconds.

14th May 2009, 09:03

Melbourne resident, I am now currently wearing out my second 1991 ZZR250. The first lasted me 11 years of thrashing and virtually no maintenance by me (not recommended). I ride everywhere and often, and couldn't imagine a better more reliable bike of its kind.

Trusty, good looking, carries passengers well and performs admirably as well as being cheap to buy and run (genuine part are too expensive though). 1991 model $2500 in good order is not an unfair price, and add $100 or so for each year up to 2002/3.

Very easy to ride - great for beginners. I will keep buying them.

26th Jun 2009, 12:50

Can anyone help. I have brought a ZZR 250 from a Friend, it's a non runner. I need help setting the cam timing. I'm not sure which marks on the cams do I set up level with the head I have set No piston to (t.d.c), just not sure what marks the cam should be on. I also not sure if the cams have been swapped around. If anyone could help, it would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.