2008 Kinlon JL250-A from United Kingdom


A cheap joke


Battery needed replacing within 2 months of purchase.

Bike does not re-charge the battery.

Very poor corrosion resistance.

Zero aftermarket care.

General Comments:

Very poor construction - although the bike looks excellent value - can't wait to sell it.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 21st February, 2009

20th Mar 2009, 09:00

I must partially agree with your post, the bike cost less than 1 months wages, and the quality of the bike is reflected in the price. What would you get second hand for the same money?

Rust can appear on a damp day, but I've kept the worst of it away with scottoiler365, and a bucket and brush before putting the bike away at night. I've been running mine in over winter, in all the frost, snow and salt, and without this you would hear it fizz as the salt attacks it.

I had an electric fault, clutch fault, speedo fault, a failed weld on the fairing mount, can't get the bar-ends off to fit heated grips, the tyres are lethal in the wet (but not too bad if you drop the PSI down a bit), and something in the exhaust melted yesterday showering the Wiltshire countryside with sparks.

BUT every time I take the bike back, it's fixed without a fuss, or a charge. It was bought from a small family run business in Bristol, and they have been great at showing empathy for the problems, the Dad in the family runs one of these, and his is OK. I use mine daily for a 30mile round trip commute up and down the dual carriage ways, and it pulls well for a 250, stops well, isn't thirsty, or expensive on insurance.

I'm up to 3000k on the clock, and the bike feels more sorted now.

Take some advice though, replace the tyres straight away, take off the saddle and coat everything with wd40, and spray it down before you put it away, and it'll last you years (3 probably)