2007 Kinlon KBR200 from Australia


You get what you pay for


Had a new chain fitted by previous owner by dealer after about 500ks.

The plastics are of an inferior quality, cracking all over the bike.

A slight fuel leak has developed, either the tap or the needle and seat, but unsure whether these basic parts are individually available. The website does not list them as so.

General Comments:

This bike has in all respects done what I have asked it to do, though I personally feel the engine is lacking sufficient power for average offroad conditions.

The general finish is average, and whilst the switching gear is working fine, there are issues with the left sides attachment on the handle bar as it does not fit securely in place.

As a general purpose work to home and back mode of transport, it does that quite well, and this one is returning about 200ks to a tank.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2009

2007 Kinlon KBR200 from Australia


OK. I wanted to get back into bikes after 11 years. I kept it for 2.5 months to get my license


Battery was never good. Replaced in 1 week.

Hard to kickstart.

Plastics terrible.

General Comments:

Cheap to buy and insure. Reasonably good on fuel (but my CBR600 isn't much worse and offers light speed performance in comparison) What little time I had in mud; I found it fine. Freeway... forget it... I had it on GPS flat out and tucked in.. as much as I could at 93 kmh. Buy it as a paddock basher.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2009

2008 Kinlon KBR200 from Australia


Absolute rubbish!


Paintwork scratched from new.

Ignition cut-out for side stand never worked.

Nuts for both exhaust guards broke and guards fell off.

Rocker arm broke at 2000km.

Dipstick disintegrated into sump.

Tank plastic disintegrated - no fall, just rubbish plastic.

Battery faulty from purchase. New one a bit better, but only holds charge for 2 days.

Horn does not work - never has.

Neutral light only works intermittently.

Headlight as good as useless, can't see past my nose.

General comments?

Only a toy for kids - not an adult's motorbike.

The operators manual gives conflicting and sometimes wrong information.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time on the phone trying to resolve warranty issues.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2009

2007 Kinlon KBR200 from Australia


It's OK for the money, and does what it was purchased for!


The battery failed after 2 weeks, but was replaced by the dealer. The bike was a 2007 model bought in Feb 2008.

The bike would not idle, but was fixed by dealer.

The plastics are really crappy and you get what you pay for. The tank plastic has cracked and the plastics show signs of real abuse, not like my KLR650 has done.

The bike has had no real off road duty other than fire trails and some coastal beach sand tracks in the Eurobodalla.

The bikes engine is noisy like tappets, but goes good. I have had 100kmph shown on the speedo 2 up, but it's not fully run in either.

My wife's Suzuki was stolen on New Years Eve, and I looked at second hand and value for money. This had the means for the end; a new bike for her 40th as she is a learner and weighs 48KG wringing wet.

I would recommend this as a 1st learner bike, and I have been riding for over 42 years. REMEMBER!!! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I looked at several second hand bikes; the thought of giving my woman a brand new bike for $2990 ride away plus $600 full comp insurance; I could not find a suitable bike under 10 years old!

General Comments:

The bike is OK; if I had zero $ and needed quick reliable transport, I would look at it.

The Chinese quality is really really really crappy compared to the Japanese bike. But at 1/3rd the cost, you be the judge!

It does about 3.5 to 4 L per 100kmh at about 80 to 90kmph. I will be getting a lower rear sprocket fitted as the bike is under geared (not bad for a learner though).

We purchased a caravan and I will keep this bike to mount on the A frame, as it has a low tare weight 126KG.

The bike handles the scrub OK; very quiet, very good compared to my KLR650 as it's heaps lighter.

Being red in color, it will fade real quick. I told her she can have any color other than red! Red she picked.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2008