2007 KTM 525 EXC-G Racing from United States of America





General Comments:

Awesome bike, super fast and reliable. The rider is the problem in my case.

I have de-restricted, re-jetted the motor because it does not come set-up to run right, it comes set-up to pass emissions test. It is the price you pay to have a race bike with a license plate.

I have added a radiator fan, and I run Evans NPRG+ waterless coolant. Never had any problems with overheating.

I have also done a fair amount of customization:

Taller softer seat.

Bigger tank.

Different sprockets.

Hand guards.

Engine guard.

Exhaust guards.

Brake rotor guards.

Fork tube protectors.

It goes on.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2009

2006 KTM 525 EXC-G Racing from United States of America




I purchased my 2006 KTM in August with big dreams of leaving my buddies in the dust. This bike boasted of being -Ready to Race-.

At first ride I was in love with the power. Any adrenaline junky would do the same. After putting about 40 miles on this bike I was very happy with my purchase.

At 80 miles my tone changed very rapidly. The bike blew a water pump seal and had to go to the shop. After a very long wait to get the silicone dripping bike returned to me, I found yet another problem. After another 10 miles or so the cir-clip (on the piston) came off which allowed the wrist pen to back out and destroy the top end. I once more returned the bike to a different KTM shop to get this repaired.

I changed bike shops due to the fact that the last one had pumped my tank dry and failed to refill the gas tank, and on top of that he shop manager was extremely short with me. At the second shop a total engine rebuild had to be performed. When I arrived to pick up my -Brand New- bike I had found that the KTM Certified mechanic had done a very poor job of taking care of the finish of my bike and had scarred up many of the engine components as well as the handle bars. My bike was covered with grease and left over engine oil. KTM did cover the rebuild, but I had to pay for all the associated fluids and filters (Over $100).

On my return home I found that the center gasket was leaking profusely so I made a return trip to the -Scratch It and Ding It Doctors-. They tore the engine down once more and patched it back together.

After a third return home, I found that all the engine oil had mysteriously disappeared.

On the fourth return to the shop, the bike required the other water pump seal (oil side this time) to be replaced.

I have had nothing but trouble out of this bike. I do not recommend KTM to anyone, and if you do believe the -Ready to Race- line, only expect one race!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2007

23rd Feb 2007, 10:59

Sounds like the guys at the shop had the issue not the bike.

3rd Mar 2007, 00:19

Sounds like a good argument for why racers should also learn how to turn their own wrenches. But really, I would consider taking this shop owner to the small claims court. I would sue for any and all costs charged you due to their error. Maybe you can sue for some of your time they wasted, as well.

It would really raise my ire for him to be ignorant enough to act belligerent towards me, on top of everything they screwed up. At the very least I would cost him much further business by telling everyone about his non-professional, belligerent attitude and shoddy workmanship. He should show more pride in the work his shop puts out. I would be ashamed to be in his position.