2014 KTM Duke 200 from Dominican Republic


If it were legal, I'd marry it


First day out of the dealer, the battery died; was replaced for a new one immediately, and no problem now.

Also, the fuel level sensor came damaged; according to it, the tank was always on reserve. Thankfully it was changed for a new one by the dealer, all costs covered by the guarantee.

General Comments:

I'm in love. This is my second bike ever, the first being a 250 cruiser. I used it for daily commuting, moving everywhere around town etc, but then I tried a beach trip, which she managed but I felt awkward, wanted more speed and power (max speed was 110km/h). Then I started checking out economic, lightweight but fast bikes, and the Duke 200 just keep coming on top of the list. So I went to the KTM dealer, tried it, and that weekend I was riding my brand new Duke 200.

I feel more confident in traffic, maybe because of the upright position, maybe because of the great sense of control it gives, or maybe because of the quick power delivery it gives to manage almost any situation. Also, not a day passes by when someone at a traffic light doesn't start admiring the looks and asks about the bike. Some of the less savvy even ask if it is a Ducati XD.

You will want to make some upgrades if you buy it stock, a windshield if planning on touring, which you can if you don't mind traveling below 135km/h (onboard computer automatically limits its speed), an ECU remap, if you want to go faster than 135km/h. Almost everyone I know has installed a custom exhaust; the stock one is small and ULTRA quiet, although this way it is said to give better handling. Headlights too, I don't like going fast (more than 80km/h) at night on dark roads with the custom headlights, can't see much.

Ah, 110 km per gallon is more than enough gas savings for me; basically the bike is (slowly) paying for itself with what I save on gas compared to my car.

Also, I'm 5,7" tall and 150 pounds, I know taller and heavier guys who owned one and traded it relatively fast for a bigger bike. For me, it's a perfect fit.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2015

2nd Mar 2018, 21:50

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