1998 KTM Duke 620 4th Edition from United Kingdom


Brings out the hooligan in you


Front forks were leaking (extremely common fault apparently).

Radiator fans did not work (only discovered by next owner, a friend I sold it to).

Wheels and metal parts rusted out a bit (but it had not been cleaned often).

Dashboard lights not working.

General Comments:

My first 'proper' motorbike (after 3 automatic scooters) which I learnt to ride on down my road the day I bought it.

This bike was in pretty bad condition looks wise when I got it, as the previous owner was too busy with his family to bother washing it. It also had leaking fork seals, so I got it for a song.

I washed it (many times), waxed it, got the seals done at Bracken KTM in London (£140) and replaced the saddle cover. After that I sold it as it had been there 5 months and I still had not got round to getting my full licence.

For those few miles I did ride it, I can say that the acceleration and the engine's 'snap crackle and pop' were the best bits of the bike. You can imagine my pleasant surprise when, for the first time in my life, I opened up the throttle on the open road and had to hold on for dear life as it accelerated away! That 600 thumper sure is a thrill. The brakes were good too, though personaly it felt like the suspension was too soft (it wasn't setup for my weight though).

I loved the bark of the Remus can and the loud pops it did on overrun, a sure way to catch attention. I also recall how it seemed to gain more respect from pedestrians and other bikes alike as they heard it roar towards them (literally pedestrians scrambling off the road!). This bike brings out the hooligan in you and you'll want to make as much noise and hassle as possible! hehehe.

Managed to sell it to a friend for a profit after he continued insisting to buy it (hey, he can't complain, I even gave him a 6 month credit line). Sooner or later I'd like another one, preferably a 950 Adventurer.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th May, 2005