2008 Kymco ZX-50 Super Fever from New Zealand


Cheap, cheerful, reliable, slow, great value


Spark plug melted: I thought it was supposed to go in for service at 6000km, but *I thought* it was supposed to be 5000 km, so it melted around 5900km.

General Comments:

It's a 50cc scooter, as such it has rubbish acceleration and speed, but saying that it's perfectly adequate in commuter use, where it will hit 65km/h fairly easily, and 73km/h at full speed on a downhill or tailwind.

It has one front disc and one rear drum, so the braking is fairly average... considering it only weighs 85kg, it seems to brake quite slowly.

The petrol tank only holds about 3.5 or 4 litres.

I run it about quite a bit and a tank will last 2 to 4 days and cost $5 to fill. I calculated it as getting 2.8l/100km which is around 85 mpg

The laws of New Zealand do not require safety inspections (Warrant of Fitness) for 50cc scooters, so the cost of ownership is: fuel, minimal maintenance, and $68 a year to register (license the vehicle for use on the road)

As such at $2300 (new!) this Taiwanese bike is really great value, cheap to run, easy to ride, and very reliable so far.

With the 12 inch alloy wheels, it handles bumps and feels more stable then the usual 10 inch steel scooter wheels.

I bought it new from a "Bug" dealer (rebranded Kymco in Australia and NZ) and the support has been excellent, they have charged minimally for service and the warranty is 4 years unlimited kms... which is best-in-class...

I would not buy one of the cheaper Chinese bikes due to quality problems and difficulty finding parts, but the Taiwanese bikes are some of the best in the world.

Overall a rewarding ownership experience, and cheaper then the bus!! And more fun.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2009