1997 Peugeot Speedfight 50cc LC from Portugal


So my Speedfight is 20 years old.

500 km after I bought it, with 11000km, some rubber on the oil pump failed, which caused the oil pump to fail pumping oil, and the engine seized, not completely. I put some oil in the gas tank and made it run, but the damage was done. I still ran it for 2 weeks after that, but eventually it was getting harder to start the bike, until I couldn't, and had to send it to be fixed.

During that time, acceleration wasn't good until 35 kph; after that, the compression kicked in, and even with a bad engine, I managed to reach 90kph with it.

The engine was opened, fixed with an original piston, and the rest of parts that were bad. I had just bought the bike for 600 euro, and suddenly a 400 euro fix...

I believe the bike was stopped for a long time, and that is what caused the rubbers in the oil pump to fail.

Another thing, it might be a good idea to blow torch the exhaust; the metal is too hard and could be tempered to make it softer; I had a fall on a rainy day and the exhaust support cracked; will weld fix it soon, but that's on me, not the bike's fault.

Velocimeter light is somewhat weak. Front headlight too, even with a new lamp.

General Comments:

First it is a cool scooter, period; it's sporty, it's fast, it's just cool. It's up there with the Aerox and the Aprilia SR50, I would recommend it to people who want a fast scooter. This is my first scooter, and that's why my ratings of things on the scooter from 0 to 10 should be taken with a grain of salt, because this is the only scooter or bike that I've driven.

That being said I love riding it; I'm still learning, I'm a newbie.

I believe it doesn't have the most friendly fuel consumption in the world, but nothing catastrophic or remotely bad; it's not a 4 stroke and that says enough. I believe fuel consumption should be around 3 to 3,1 liters per 100 km, maybe a nickel more.

Compared to a lot of scooters, I'd say the regular exhaust is amazing, the sound isn't too loud or annoying, and has a nice sound to it.

I didn't like the original seat texture, a bit slippy, so I sent it to a guy to redo it with anti slipping material; cost 35 euros but the results are amazing, the seat looks way better now.

Mine came with and has an aftermarket air suspension; I can only assume it's better than the original that I've never tried.

Mine was painted gray, it's an OK color, but I'd say the original blue and yellow color it had was cool too.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2019